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Thank you!

Thank you!! I was in the same boat, searching all over for a tool to make this part easy. I'm glad others are finding it as handy as well!

Ahh, thank you for bringing this up. Someone ran into this a couple weeks ago, but I haven't really known the best way to handle it here on the itch page. I think ultimately I'm going to have to discontinue Mac support, unfortunately.

The frustrating part is, it technically could run, but Mac's security stuff doesn't trust the app. Because I don't have a Mac myself, I'm not able to build the program in a way that Mac will trust it, or even give users the option to trust it, as I think it did in early versions of OSX.

There is theoretically a way for you to run it on Mac, but you'd have  to do some terminal stuff to remove the OS's quarantine on the file. I've attached a screenshot from this Godot game engine page that shows how to do that. However, that's a huge pain & I wouldn't expect anybody to go through all that just to run the program, which is why I'll probably have to remove the Mac option.

One hopeful possibility for the future is--I'm planning to go Open Source with this project at some point. Once it's Open Source, you could get the Godot project files and build it yourself, and it should run just fine. If you like, I can make a note to reply on this thread whenever that happens, so you get a notification!

Thanks again for posting this, and sorry I can't get it to work smoothly on your machine!

Most of the items I sell / plan to sell on here are in the $1-5 range or pay-what-you-want. I was looking at the PayPal transaction fees the other day, and I realized their fixed fee really cuts into this quite a lot for purchases with such a small price. For several transactions, I've ended up giving PayPal more than 50%.

Reading up, I saw where PayPal has a micropayments pricing option, but I would have to apply for a business account with them to get it. Before I do that, I wanted to check--are the PayPal transaction fees we're charged on itch based on the terms of our own connected PayPal accounts, or are they based on an account itch has with PayPal & then passed along to us? Namely, if I go through the effort of setting up a PayPal business account & applying for microtransaction rates, is that even going to affect my sales?


Oh no! I'm glad you were able to get it to work. The randomizer is one of my favorite parts! I'll check on that URL!


Absolutely! It's a pretty laid back jam, so whatever you feel like making!

Ooh, thanks for pointing that out! Ill get that fixed for the next update.

I think I figured out what was going on here! It isn't an OS thing, but a regional settings thing. I just did a patch that I think should fix it.

If you run into any problems using the newer version (1.0.2+), let me know! And thanks for bringing this up, because I don't think I would have ever caught it otherwise!

Oh wow, that's strange! I haven't seen anything quite like that. Do you mind sharing what OS you're using it on?

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Oh, the base instruments are in a pack called "sounds". If you use "IMP sounds" you should be able to load them in-let me know if that doesn't work!

this is really lovely! reminds me I need to go walking in the woods again soon...

I am quite literally dizzy with awe at how much fun this tiny game is!

I'm really excited about this! I feel like it would be fun to play in the dark, under a single desk lamp. Also it seems like it might be a good one to play remotely!