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Info about the lore/technicals of the three species?

A topic by CloudedHead created Aug 06, 2022 Views: 502 Replies: 4
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hello! i apologize if this may or may not have been answered before, but i was wondering where i could find information about the lore of your world and more specifically, how our main three aliens work exactly

im asking mainly for character design purposes, however i am also just extremely curious about what exactly makes these aliens different from humans, like is the texture of their skin different? do Tilaari come in different types of colors? do the Kit maybe have rough skin like a shark? things like that.

just about any information that would inform me on maybe how to go about designing a character will do, but all information about them is welcome as well of course

this is of course if your all willing to indulge me, which if you end up doing, i would greatly appreciate it. thank you!!


A lot of information about both species and universe lore can be found on our Patreon, while also a few other additional details about them are on our Discord server. If you haven't found the information you're looking for on Discord, there is also a channel where you can ask the devs questions.

ah I see! Thank you very much I'll check that out now! 

ah actually one more thing, is it at all possible to access the Discord Server somewhere? do you have a link for an invite posted somewhere?


Yes, the server invite can be found on all of our game pages.