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It sucks when you gotta let something go, at least for now anyway, and while were moving on from BCB i still want to say that regardless of how popular it is and will ever be, to me it was a really fun experience and I hold that close to me to this day.

Nevertheless, I can't wait to see what else you guys come up with! And I hope it will be as fulfilling or at least fun as BCB was for you, if not more so! Thank you for deciding to continue your guy's paths as game developers, personally I'm just grateful I'll get to see more from you guys, and I'm sure others feel similarly too.

Thank you guys so much for the journey you created, it's been a wonderful time all around even if this is the last time we'll see our summer time friends, I'm glad they'll live full and happy lives without us.

But hey! you guys still have your future ahead of you! and personally I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next, but regardless i hope you guys have just as great a time with your stories as we do

see you in the fall buddies, and thanks again :)

admittedly i am not done with the demo, but i have to say it has definitely caught my interest nonetheless! but i do have a gripe with it, though unrelated to and story or ui problems, but i think theres waaaay to many "..."s

these pauses can be good, sometimes they let the mood of the situation really sink in, but they happen so often in this game its honestly kinda driving me insane.

they make conversations with characters feel really awkward, like they are uncomfortable and dont know what to say because of it, which is good for when they are. But the appear frequently in EVERY convo, and it ruins the pacing of it for me.

but thats pretty much my only complaint thus far besides not being able to go into an options menu, i think the story would benefit if it cut back on these pauses.

ah i see, thank you for answering!

I have an inquiry about picking a romance option on day 3, see i am able to pick either Khanyisa or Chris as a route, but Nathan is unavailable to me for some reason. I'm simply wondering if there are choices in game that determine this, or if his route is supposed to be an option no matter what and this is unintentional?

ah actually one more thing, is it at all possible to access the Discord Server somewhere? do you have a link for an invite posted somewhere?

ah I see! Thank you very much I'll check that out now! 

hello! i apologize if this may or may not have been answered before, but i was wondering where i could find information about the lore of your world and more specifically, how our main three aliens work exactly

im asking mainly for character design purposes, however i am also just extremely curious about what exactly makes these aliens different from humans, like is the texture of their skin different? do Tilaari come in different types of colors? do the Kit maybe have rough skin like a shark? things like that.

just about any information that would inform me on maybe how to go about designing a character will do, but all information about them is welcome as well of course

this is of course if your all willing to indulge me, which if you end up doing, i would greatly appreciate it. thank you!!

ya know i came into this game thinking 'wow, Capitalism is a LI? ngl bro thats a hard sell, no way in hell any visual novel is gonna make me simp for that fucking thing.'

.....soooo uhhhhh.... Lucren is my favorite route

he is................very cute

anyway, this is a lovely game, honestly i would say a beautiful one. i absolutely loved the way you all handled the concepts these characters represent, and the debates that occur in game are really deep and interesting, it left me with much to consider and definitely wanting more.

but im grateful we get to see the beginning of their journey, even if we may never see the end, but im happy to see them off on quest in spite of that.

thank you all for making this game, it is something to love :)