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[Composer] I'll write emotive music for your game

A topic by lukasz-kosturek created Aug 05, 2022 Views: 3,011 Replies: 20
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My name is Łukasz Kosturek and I am a composer.

I would like to offer my services of writing music for your productions. I am an avid fan of storytelling and with my compositions I try to do exactly that. My favorite genres are science-fiction and adventure, but I don’t mind working in any other types of stories.
I am professional, easy to work with, and I always deliver on time.

Here's my portfolio:

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Could it be a free project?

It all depends ;) maybe contact me on discord? Lukasz Kosturek#4663


Hola estas disponible?

I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish. If you're asking if I'm available than contact me on discord (Lukasz Kosturek#4663) or send me an email (

Looking for exciting projects!
Here's some of my theme music:

Hi man, I need a music composer for my game, I have zero budget I was wondering if there is a chanche you're going to do it for free.

if you're interested write on ds to Kirx9#7614

I'm open for some new projects!

Hello! Back after an intense end of the year and I'm ready to find some new challenges!
Here's an unused piece from a project that unfortunately didn't get to be made, but it was so much fun writing it I wanted to share it with people :)

Hit me up if you have a project!
Discord: Lukasz Kosturek#4663

Available for work!

Add me in discord if u want => Meyer#6469

Available for work!

Hey, this sounds convenient, as i have a sci fi game! If you're interested, you can email me!

Available for work!

Here's a playlist of some themes I wrote:

Hit me up if you have a project!
Discord: Lukasz Kosturek#4663

I am in need of background music for my upcoming game Shadow Monsters.

You can see my help-page for it here:

I would like your help, you seem talented!!!

Thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately, I currently reached the limit on my voluntary work. Wish you all the best!

Any time, and thanks!!! Any tips for writing music? I could use some :P I wish you the best of luck with your current work!!!

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Thank you! If you're having trouble, it's always good to start with finding some references of music you'd like for the game. Surround yourself with what it should sound, analyze what you like about it and if you're able - emulate it! Even if you won't do it yourself, this will be a great help for a potential composer :)
Good luck!

Ok, thanks!

Hello there, I'm looking for a project! You can find examples of my work and how to contact me on my website: 

discord: Lukasz Kosturek#4663