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Luminous, a dark pixel-art platformer

A topic by Kieran Sheldon created May 09, 2018 Views: 225 Replies: 2
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Announcing Luminous, a dark pixel-art platformer! 

Guide Keith through a darkened wasteland on a quest to rekindle the light. Can you bear the weight of your destiny as your light dwindles and the shadows twist into ever stranger shapes? Can you trust the creature that guides you through this unsettling platforming adventure?

This game is definitely not a metaphor for anything. No way.


  • A narrator that remembers your successes... and your failures.
  • Four unique story endings
  • A haunting original soundtrack
  • Plenty of Things lurking in the dark

Download Luminous now at


Looks great, I added it to the fresh games section on the homepage.

Thank you! I appreciate it.