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Wrong word?

A topic by Bilalf created Aug 03, 2022 Views: 1,263 Replies: 6
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Why Islam is not recognized as a valid word Mr. Dordle?

Likely because it's a proper noun, not a common noun.

Thank you for the input but I don’t think this is the reason as some proper names are accepted by the application while other are not. I wonder whether Mr. Dordle will reply and clarify this issue. 

Example of proper names accepted by the game application:

(3 edits) (+1)

The source for Dordle words is Wiktionary, so any issues with word definitions/types you need to take there.

From one of the game updates:

  • you will no longer have to wonder if something is a word or what it means; they now all link to humanity's most trusted source, wiktionary

All  of those words also have a use that isn't a proper noun:

the plural of mare (lunar plains)


1. a song, especially of joy.

2. a Christmas song or hymn.

Peter: diminish gradually and stop; dwindle to nothing; gradually come to an end (usually followed by out or away):The criticism seems to have petered out.The hearings petered to an inevitable conclusion.

2. to tire; become exhausted (usually followed by out):I began to peter out after walking about 2 miles.


  1. an effeminate or homosexual boy or man
  2. (as modifier)his nancy ways

Also called: nancy boy

Jesus is listed as a verb in esperanto which is a stretch and it shouldn't be allowed as an answer.

tldr: Both Islam and Jesus should not be acceptable answers.

Indeed, Jesus is also incorrect, the rest are acceptable, although maria as a plural is also an edge case. However, even though the source of the words is Wiktionary they are compiled into lists that the game creator can edit (a long guess list, as well as a short answers list, which I suspect those two words don't appear on), so those two words should be removed from the guess list.

When he says "they now all link..." he means that when a game ends you can click on the words for the day and it will take you to Wiktionary so that you can see the definitions if you don't know what a word means, not that the game is directly talking to Wiktionary.


Thanks for the remarks. Great to team up to share all the information.  Wish you fun playing because It really is fun to play Dordle.

Thank you for the reply. This is convincing and makes sense. Anyway the fun playing the game is still there whether proper names are accepted answers or not. I appreciate  the clarification..