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Ruthless Endings

A topic by ali_ath72 created 9 days ago Views: 155 Replies: 4
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After finishing All 4 ruthless endings: Shackled, Dust and Silence, Welcome to the Minotaur Hotel, and As You Are, I once was. I just wanted to speculate some things. 

First off, I never want to see Shackled ever again. Minotaur Argos is so cursed and the whole living pelt was so creepy. Overall bad ending for all characters involved. I know Asterion got his freedom, but to me, that's more of a neutral ending for him. 

I somewhat wish that the ruthless were a little longer and had more content about MC fully exploring their powers, I understand that those things probably wouldn't be revealed to them, but maybe forcing Asterion to let out his secrets, maybe creating a prison while running the hotel perfectly fine above. I understand this isn't a very popular opinion, as I also like Asterion, but hey, a little fictional power fantasy doesn't hurt anyone >:)

Lastly, in Welcome to the Minotaur Hotel, what stopped Argos from escaping the effigy like usual? Did he not dig a tunnel that time? Was he not quick enough? Asterion is left in what seems to be mania trying to take care of guests that aren't there, until P & Storm come along. It almost seems at the end that Asterion begins his Oath of Servitude to P. Does P become the new master of the land? Would he make a good master? Would P even be able to have the master powers without the deed? Since MC doesn't exactly have a set heir or any family we know of. Just some speculation.

oh how did u get the welcome ending? i have trouble doing that XD


if i recall it right, ruthless chapter 1 has one 3 choice prompt that determinates what ending you get, except if you are particularly evil, then you get the 4th ending no matter what.


there are two diverging initial routes. "You look like shit" and "Are you alright?"

For the welcome ending, Choose "Are you alright" and then "deceive the deciever". Make sure you do not send Asterion into the valley too much as you will get D&S.


sweet thanks i got a achievemnt after that sighs welp im not doing that again whew...