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Nice addition!

A topic by PolarTuber created May 08, 2018 Views: 137 Replies: 1
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Hi Max Parata, 

I remember recording a gameplay of your first "Embuscade" game for my YouTube channel and found it to be quite a blast as well as the little cutscene at the end where the main character joins his zombie brothers! Can't wait to play Embuscade 2 with, from what I can see, much better optimization for an interactive game!

If you want to see my channel, search up "Vladmanbear" on YouTube search bar and categorize the search by "channel", you will easily see it!

Thank you and good luck on your further game development :)


Hi PolarTuber,

I'm glad you already are interested in the next game, Indeed It will be more gameplay oriented this time.
A lot of you guys very much liked this ending cutscene, that's why Embuscade 2 will be built around this idea.

I'll take a look on your channel, I like to watch streamers and see what they like / don't like in other games ;) 

So thank you, and stay tuned, news on the development are arriving today!