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This is a lot like 0N 0W from Steam. Awesome concept!

No Brainerz community · Created a new topic Nice addition!

Hi Max Parata, 

I remember recording a gameplay of your first "Embuscade" game for my YouTube channel and found it to be quite a blast as well as the little cutscene at the end where the main character joins his zombie brothers! Can't wait to play Embuscade 2 with, from what I can see, much better optimization for an interactive game!

If you want to see my channel, search up "Vladmanbear" on YouTube search bar and categorize the search by "channel", you will easily see it!

Thank you and good luck on your further game development :)

Thank you for allowing me the chance to play this game, Ash! I will do a YouTube video on this two weeks from now!

This was a VERY good atmospheric, zombie-themed horror game. Loved the sound design and "Imscared"-type grainy textures that were implemented here, and it kind of reminded me of Minecraft in survival mode with the food bar and block-like designs. Plus, there is a special surprise in the video ;)!