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Hi, thanks for letting me know! The guy is saying that I let him post the game on his page. I highly doubt so! I've reported it to the GJ team

Excellent! I like the way you use how players approach games in general against them. I like the idea

Thank you very much! Supports are always appreciated, it's the best source of motivation!

Okay I see, while I think it's a good think to keep the player in game after the end, I think it would be better to end here. Maybe, a screen with a narrative text telling how all this finally end, because we don't know what to do next, we wait for the next "objective".
But in the case you really want the player to explore more, I think the best thing would be to give more and more treasure maps, almost indefinitely.  Each time we find a treasure, there's another treasure map inside, to keep the challenge on.

Hi! Sorry for the very late response but the game is in total reconstruction.
The gameplay will be more focused on the number of Zeds the player could "collect" throughout the game, I'm now learning new skills in programing in order to have hundreds of zombies at the same time on screen with fluid framerate. And it's quite promising, I can go up to 500 so far, if I could go past the Thousands it will be insane!
The predicted release date is for Halloween 2019.

Hi, Very good game! I didn't player Reap Together yet, but I've played the first Reap. Many congrats!!
One question though : Once I've found the treasure, what do I do? Is it over after?

Hi guys, I'm almost sure about my new title for the game : "No Brainerz"

I wanted the name to reflect a Zombie name without saying the word Zombie, and a no brainer is sometimes a substitute name in series or video games for the undead. Also the term Brain or the popular "Brainz!" resonates in Zombie fan's head like an alert for some Zeds ahead! The little Z at the end it just to accentuate the fact that it's a zombie related game.

So what do you think? :) 

Hi Rekutsko, Thank you so much for your support! I'm glad you liked Embuscade, the second game will be more gameplay related so that's why the title will probably change. Also the player knows since the beginning that he'll play as the Zombie, and the mystery will remain in other layers of the game. Very soon there'll be gameplay footage on the devlog so stay tuned ;)

Hello Peter (it's your name right?)
Thank you for supporting me and for having played Embuscade. The second part is planned right. Although the game will be more gameplay based than story, so you won't actually understand everything that happened in the first game, i want to keep the mystery ;) But there'll be some surprises... I can't tell what but the ones who played the game will understand ;)
I invite you to follow the devlog of the second game here :

PS : The devlog will change adress soon, I'll notify you ;)

You are welcome. I'm glad to help! By optimizing I mean "repairing" The topology, adding loops where there are joints for the characters, and make a UV channel for lightmaps for environment stuff.
Mixamo exports FBX format.

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Hello there, thank you for your support! I render and animate everything in UE4 yes, appart for those screenshots, they are directly rendered in Magicavoxel. the gif animation was done in a very cool software called screentogif. With this you can record your screen and make a gif out of it, it's also possible to edit the images etc.
For game dev production I usually make my models in magica, I export them into an OBJ, I optimize them in 3ds max if needed (characters need it), then I rig them, usually with an auto rig such as mixamo. And I'm off to import it in UE4 :)
Hope you find it useful. Don't hesitate asking me questions if you need and to show me your voxel art, @mask974 is my twitter.  

Hey Buddy! Thank you for your support. I heard a lot of positive feedback about this country side house, I'm glad you pointed it out, it means I can go further this way and create more versions of it =)

Hi there, Your idea is really cool! 
Although there is something that is really really bothering, it's the screen blur about every 30 seconds. Just remove this, or make it differently, like only on the border of the screen, somewhere that doesn't hurt the eyes. I know this is part of the experience of falling asleep but it just prevented me finishing the game. And I'm not the only one. So please, just remove that and I'll jump back into the game right away! ;)

Good job in overall, original, I'll recommend it! 

Hi PolarTuber,

I'm glad you already are interested in the next game, Indeed It will be more gameplay oriented this time.
A lot of you guys very much liked this ending cutscene, that's why Embuscade 2 will be built around this idea.

I'll take a look on your channel, I like to watch streamers and see what they like / don't like in other games ;) 

So thank you, and stay tuned, news on the development are arriving today!

Hi there, thanks for following the devlog! I'm currently working on the basics of the game so more of some R&D stuff and trying to make a proof of concept as soon as possible. I'm still working a tiny bit on the graphics though, it won't be for now for the updates about this topic but stay tuned, it'll arrive soon. Ciao!

Hi Lumps, liked your playthrough with the little pop up dialogue boxes. it's original, keep doing your videos.
Thank you fr following the process of the second game, new updates are coming next week! 

See you :) 

Hi Thanks for your support LumpsPlays! Very soon I'll be posting about my next Zombie game here... ;) stay tuned

Hey @JayPlaysOfficial, Really cool video here, I enjoyed it! Well received your message at the end , and that's exactly what I wanted to hear to give me strengh to continue to develop games like this one. I'm currently preparing the second ops of Embuscade, Yeah, I'm gonna risk it for a chocolate biscuit ;) ! It won't be the exact same game but I'll keep the atmosphere, the artstyle and mostly the idea of being a Zombie. I want to create a full featured game where the player will play as a Zombie and will have to build like a "Z community" to fight against the Human menace. It's still in writing but I had some cool ideas that I want to integrate. I'm of course open to any Ideas from players, so don't hesitate to let me know what you would like to see in a game like this! =).

Awesome video here buddy! You actually imagined the game story exactly as I wanted players to imagine, that's cool, a hobo Zombie! I'm also surprised that you restarted to find the other ending, and I want to tell you that it has an actual Third ending ;) ...

@Mister thank you very much, I really apreciate it. If you are up to see more projects in this style then stay tuned, I'll be soon starting a full featured game, in the same universe, the same artstyle (even more polished) where you'll trully experience being a Zombie...

Yes you ARE! =D looking forward to create more titles together!

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed it =)

Hello DreamareDev, Thank you for having voted, I really appreciate it! I Like your  profile picture btw ^^, are you a dev?

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've also rated your game , good luck buddy!

Thank you @Churvin for having played and for having made a let's play video! You are the only one I saw trying my pause menu haha! Nice! Also, congratulations, you discovered the second ending, you didn't want to be part of the Zombie Horde by making you own road alone and avoiding them, But maybe you could retry the game and follow the horde and see what happens... ;)

Hi @CjuGames Thank you for having chosen to play my game on Halloween. About the 30 fps cap, it was on purpose, I just found that it fit well with the Pixelized/Voxelized artstyle. I like the fact that you were imagining stuff that could have happened to the people of this city, I basically wanted to put elements that make the player imagine, but I'm impressed by how big of an imagination players have! =D  A lot of things you guys are imagining weren't even in my head when I was in the creation process! I'm glad you noticed the references (Silent Hill, Little Nightmares). I'm gonna make a sequel to the game, A full experience of being a Zombie. It's still in writing, I'll let you know about the progress.

Hello, I'm glad you liked it! Have you uploaded the video yet? I'm looking forward to watch it =) About the Windowed mode you asked, there already have a windowed mode, you can enter it by pressing Alt+Enter, it's a built-in function with Unreal engine games, you have to know it though. However, the window is a full 1920*1080, so If you don't have a larger screen resolution you won't be able to resize it. But I'll do my best to add this feature soon and update the game! Ciao.

Hi Cool video, thank you for your support! Great thumbnail by the way ;)

Hi, Thank you for having played and for your support, it encourages me to make more!

Hi guys, I prepared a game specially for Halloween : "Embuscade".

This short Horror tale that will bring you into a strange experience, play at your own risk... I hope you guys will enjoy it, and have a nice Halloween!


Click on the Image to access to the download page

Many thanks for having played and made a let's play video. It's cool to see gamers having fun with what I've made and reacting to it.

That was my point when making this game to. Thank you a lot for your support, I really appreciate it.