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Don't worry, they are coming ;) 

And I'm glad that people like them. Voxel art is a wonderful art style to produce and to look at.

I don't know RPG in a Box. If mixamo characters work with it, then this will work as well.

Hi! How can I contact you regarding an offer?

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Is the problem happening in mixamo or in unreal engine?

Glad to help!

Do you need assets for your game? Come visit my itch page, I have a lot of themed packs with a lot of free stuff.

They are now animated in the Dev Pack

Don't worry about it, a lot more content is coming to this pack soon ;)
If you want to know when it will be available, you can join the discord :

Now it's been fixed

It's been fixed now.

Your article is very well done! Great job!

Hi! your link to your discord is dead, is there any other way to contact you?

Hi! I'm using Magicavoxel

yes, for the pixel horror jam 2

No, it's a one shot game that suffice to itself I think :)

Thanks! I'll take a look for sure.

yes, seeing the CTR like other graphics would help a lot, hope more people will upvote this suggestion so we can have it :)

I think it would be great to keep track of the CTR through a curve like the amount of views and downloads.

This would allow us to see if any change to the thumbnail of our pack is influencing the traffic on our page.

Hi! I'm Max, a voxel asset creator.
I'd be interested in working with you, can you contact me back please? 

I added it, will see how it performs, thanks!

I often forget about adding metadata to what I publish, so yes, I support this idea.

Thanks, I forgot to add the licence. It's a Creative Common Attribution No Derivatives.

Yeah, I'd have also loved to have had more time to create a longer game.

I'm glad you enjoyed your play through! 


Feel free to visit my page to find some free voxel assets for your game.

you can use them in commercial projects as well.

Good luck!

Hi! In your game engine, use a nearest or no filter for the textures, and the lowest compression level possible.

Feel free to visit my page to find some free voxel assets for your game.

you can use them in commercial projects as well.

Good luck!

Just saw that, let's discuss about it via email then :)

Wow man this is excellent! Very nice tribute to Advance Wars!
I added your game to the featured games list ;)
Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey! Thank you for reminding me, I checked and your mail went to the spam folder... Stupid mail XD
Sorry about that. I'll answer you now.

Hi! Contact me at and we can discuss about it. Cheers

Hey! You'd need to an emissive map for that. I don't think there is an emissive map for the sample spaceships. What you can do is go to photohshop, isolate this color, turn all the other to black and save that as a new PNG image. Then you can use that as an emissive map.

No problem at all, they are made for that :) Good luck with your game, and don't forget to share it with us!

Nicely done! What kind of game are you going to do?
Quick tip : You could try to attach a point light (without shadow) to the gasses and the saber so it propagates light when moving.

Ah okay, I'm asking because the asset pack is coming to Unity soon.
Does Godot have its own marketplace like the Unity Asset Store?

There are a couple of sales organized by itch during the year, I suggest you to subscribe to all my socials and to my itch page to be sure to not miss it!

Okay I'll look into that. Also, are you working in Unity?

You just need to relink the textures in the materials and boom! They become usable again.
The textures are also included in the downloadable zip.