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STAR JAR, a mood-ring / bullet-hell mashup , free to DL!

A topic by -hexcavator- created Apr 29, 2016 Views: 135
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Hey hi!

Just released my game STAR JAR for free here:

It's pixely arcade chaos masquerading as a dawn simulator, with lots of naturalistic squishes and squooshes, and a few vaguely mysterious end-game variations. Drone-y chiptunes, even. A veritable recipe for a harrowing midday nap.

The project started as an experiment in Scratch to teach kids about the value of randomness in games. Eventually I ported it to Gamemaker and added lots of adult themes like collecting jars and sleeping through the sunrise.

Gameplay vid, if you're so inclined:

I've updated the build a few times since the initial release to incorporate some helpful suggestions I got on reddit n' stuff. Would love any additional feedback/crit from the itch community!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out!

-hexcavator- / @bryinlyin