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General Comments and Questions you have for the devs!

A topic by kpwashere created Apr 29, 2016 Views: 435 Replies: 7
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Post any sort of comments or questions about the game here!

Can I minimize the game The Last Light?

Hey I was going to do a Let's Play of this, I was pretty excited, but unfortunately when I opened it, I couldn't access the Options menu (it ends up off the screen). I have a 1680 x 1050 monitor.

My other issue is that it was automatically full screen, I couldn't put it in windowed mode, and unfortunately it lagged my entire computer.

I then found that OBS couldn't find it, even set to find "all games in full screen".

I was really excited too ;-;

Try editing the properties of your scene so it uses a hotkey to be set to the active window, that way when you pull up the game you can hit the record hot key, then hit the hot key to set it to that window, and it has to be done in that order, start recording then set which window

Hello, I have made a Lets play out of your game ! but i found 2 things that i think isn't intended

If you watch my second episode on 04:28 And 04:45

The first one is that the "Ghost" wont move when u shine light on it

And The second one is that i glitch through the door

Overall great experience !


When i was in the train (at the end of episode 1 of my letsplay) I was shining my light at the monster and it was staying in the corner of the seat with me. Not moving at all, causing me to die.

In an attempt to not give spoilers yet still sate curiosity, is there more than 1 ending?

No, there is only 1 ending.