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Dear Orc [Pre-Alpha production]

A topic by HarijanD created Apr 28, 2016 Views: 646 Replies: 4
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Hi folks,

Dear Orc is a 2D plataform action-rpg with emphasys on combat, dialogues, choices, environment interaction and storytelling. It has lots of influences, specially in old school 2D plataform genre, that is only supported by Indie community nowsday.

Some of them are:

- Prince of Persia Original (PC), the vanguard of realistic 2D animation, father of all.

- Blackthorne (Snes/PC), good puzzles, epic ranged combat, great mood and realistic animations.

- Flashback (Sega Genesis), great animations, excellent storyline, hardcore gameplay.

- Another World (aka Out of this World) (PC), one of the best 2D adventure of all times, bring another level of rotoscopy animation at games.

- Super Metroid (Snes), what can we say, if you didn't played it, we so sorry for your soul.

- Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PSX), no Belmont made his way so epic like Alucard did at his father's caslte in PSX.

- Nosferatu (Snes), dark mood, good animations, versatility in combat.

- Dark Souls (PC), besides the far different on gameplay for his 3D aspect, everything else is a reference. The heavy hopeles atmosphere, timming mechanics for combat, exploration and hard way through the end, rewarding not time played, but players skills.

- Baldur's Gate 1&2 / Icewind Dale 1&2 / Fallout 1&2, Planescape Torment (all PC), the true meaning of RPG is on dialogues, options, influences of character chooses and paths. Games that the best aspect of it wasn't only the death of enemies, but making enemies fighting enemies by deceiving them. Saving a child for certain death and be claimed as hero, steal all peoples houses, or just be nice with them.

All of these are Games hard to find these days. They are more them games, they're masterworks. All made in a time that industry was growing, where creativity was boiling. When movie theater isn't the final target of each IP.

We want to make our way in this road. We hope you do enjoy our ideals, that you do find yourself missing something that games today doesn't achiev, and you pray to find.

You can join us finding our way to glory, and your way to real fun by visiting our Patreon:

If you want to donate just one time only, you can at paypal account: just send a note to us so we can contact you and thanks!

Our pages that you can follow us are Facebook and Twitter

We WILL provide any feedback for supporters, as we'll for sure give them one digital copy when release comes, no matter what Crowdfund we make. We cannot, in the same way, negate some indie publisher to land some help to release it faster, but if it happens, will be stated the compromise with previous supporters.

But the most important now for us, is to get people interested in, not only spending money on a project from people they doesn't know. Feel free to ask anything you want about the game. Here is some pictures of In-game Concepts.

Thanks for your attention, anytime we have more stuffs to show I'll update this thread.

Orcish cheers for all!

Very nice artwork. :)

Thanks mate!

Here's another animation in progress.

What do you think the ETA for this project to be complete will be given the techniques the team is employing?

It will require about two to three months, beeing positive, to get a good teaser with gameplay.

But everything depends on the Kickstarter campaign later. I'd give 2 years from now on, but could be faster if we get more backers.