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Metroid Missile + Icon Help

A topic by ThePurple created May 05, 2018 Views: 196 Replies: 9
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Hello! So, I have been making a fair bit of progress with the Metroid Plus Rom, but have run into an issue, which I am not sure how to adjust. On my 3dn version, I have adjusted it so that missiles and energy are presented at an offset of z -25, so that it is not obscured by the background, and can cast a shadow over the background as well. Here is an example of it:

As can be seen here, it looks nice, and fits in rather well, however, there is an issue. Apparently, the missile icon, and the actual missile that Samus fires are identical, so the one she shoots is also located at z -25, which looks very strange, and can make it hard to see where you are firing if not looking dead on.


I honestly have no idea how to fix this, and am unsure what to do... I assume that this could be fixed using the script function, but my scripting skills are severely lacking. While I have very light experience with coding, I am completely stumped on how to go about doing this... (Even after consulting the scripting manual) Any help would be appreciated! 

Thankfully, this should be the only time that this problem should occur, as nothing else shows up in the 'HUD' besides the energy tank squares, which are not used anywhere else. So this should be a one-time thing. 

Thanks in advance!

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Have you read the scripting examples about mario ui or zelda ui?  Your issue is similar with those example.  If you couldn't solve it yourself after reading those examples then i will write the script for you.  It's just two or three lines of code. 

Yeah, I read up on those earlier, and there are a few problems with those that I'm not sure how to fix... For instance, it can't really be on the UI Layer, as mine is not there at all. (It causes issues with the other numbers and letters in the game, especially on the title screen, as they all seem to share properties) The other issue (at least with the Mario UI example) is that being above a certain y coordinate would not work either, as you can usually hop up at the same level as your energy and missile counter as well.

The other issue is that I have no idea how to implement or work the code in an executable manner anyway, which could be a problem as well, hah! So yes, writing out code would be a huge help if you had the time! 

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I will do it for you. But before that could you post a full screen shot, not a zoom-in screen shot like the above?

Ah, thanks in advance! And here, I'm not sure what kind of screenshot you were looking for, so I just took three of them, with varying angles.

Hope these are what you are looking for, I can take more shots, if you need them!

That's enough

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- Select the missile, in the Tags field enter "missile" and reset the z offset back to 0 then hit Adjust 

- Select the Scripting Tab, for the name enter "missile_adjust" or whatever you want, for the Tags field enter "missile" and for the content enter:

function UpdateS()

-- print(shape2D.TStart.x);

-- print(shape2D.TStart.y);

if (shape2D.TStart.x == 2 and shape2D.TStart.y == 4) then -- if it is located at the counter position then apply the offset

    shape.Offset.z = shape.Offset.z - 25;



Hit add script and resume the game.

If it doesn't work,  please uncomment two print calls (remove -- at the beginning) and hit adjust then resume the game then view the log window at the right of Scripting tab to detect those values. Then replace == 2 and == 4 with the correct values,  and of course re-comment or delete the print calls and finally hit Adjust again.

Hooray, that works perfectly! Thanks so much for your help! 

I did end up having to detect the values with the print function, and after plugging them in, it worked perfectly! If I ever encounter this problem again, I will make sure to use that code again.

I did have something funny happen though, where the game heavily lagged, but then I realized I left the print function on, hah! Fixed it of course, and it is running perfectly now... Thanks again for your help!

Glad that you did it finally :) 

My God, i have just tested the profile. Now i understand why you ask for color replace feature in tex editor: you keep the hug but repetitive texture and edit work., that's unfortunately a massive unnecessary work.  All you have to do is recreate the pattern with a few distinctive tiles (normally the texture will be 2x2 tiles only). 

How to do is? 

- In Texture Editor tab switch Mode from Shape to Tile

- Select or Shift Select the tiles you need (normally tiles that forms a square) then press Create

- Done.  If the same pattern with huge texture already existed, it will be deleted and replaced with a new one with a tiny, compact texture.

- And you should edit the texture or clone pattern from there