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Low-rez space flight simulator in your browser · By gl.itch

Bug reports / Troubleshooting Sticky

A topic by gl.itch created Apr 26, 2016 Views: 386 Replies: 2
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I'm still trying to get LAIKA running on as many computers as possible. If you're having trouble, it would help a lot if you posted your configuration and experience here. Thanks!

When I load the page it's saying "Sorry! The shader you are requesting doesn't exist.". I couldn't find it by searching on shadertoy either. Is the game down?

Developer (1 edit)

It was down due to a Shadertoy bug--thanks for letting me know! Should be fixed now.

FYI you won't find it listed publicly on Shadertoy anymore -- it doesn't work on certain machines, and so I think the admins there would rather keep it unlisted than crash a few browsers on their homepage (and understandably so).