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Alternative free-scrolling platformer [C64] · By RETREAM

can't wait!

A topic by hayesmaker64 created Jul 19, 2022 Views: 79 Replies: 1
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This game is shaping up really nicely.. I played the IIm when it was first relased and seeing it evolve to a huge game like IIo has been really cool. Can't wait for the final!.


Thanks a lot for the enthusiasm and the appreciation!

The development progressed further since the release of the preview (see below for current changelog), but honestly the amount of content to produce is so huge that the game won't be ready anytime time soon - and that's without counting real life...

CHANGELOG (since the 20220708 preview)
* Changed the main color of Zampo's dark skin.
* Fixed the permanent flashing of Zampo when he caught a spinach can while he was already in STEEL mode and the mode was about to expire.
* Made a minor optimization.
* Added 4 more baddies.
* Touched up some music instruments.
* Fixed/optimized the collision detection against eatables/drinkables (a change made just before releasing the preview could cause the collisions to be missed while the objects were flickering before disappearing).
* Improved the CLIFFS zone map.
* Started writing the FUN PARK zone music.
* Wrote the FORTRESS zone music.