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Wow Best SEUCK game I've ever played... And love the HOTJAMS! 

Great work!

Another bug spotted... Thanks so much! 

I did some refactoring in the lives code... then forgot to call the lives reset on the start of the game... great spot, fixed in v1.3.1! 

The in browser version i'll need to fix later, but the download files are up!

Thanks RESET and grats to all the team!

wow, spoilers in the screenshots!

Excellent game - I'm determined to beat this tonight! 

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How do you save the game on Metal Warrior 4 - I tried using the cartridge then Save - Slot 1 - and it won't load from it - I tried using the disk - and inserting a blank disk before saving - and the same - loading any save doesnt work - and nothing gets saved to the blank disk.

(Using Real HW + Ultimate 2+)

Please note that 1.3.0 is only available here on itch, the version currently on Android is not the most up to date - so for testing please only play in the browser on the Thrust 30 page here on itch (it will open full screen when you go to the page and click Run Game.

The more I play this classic series, the more I love it.  I hadn't heard of it before this quadrilogy was announced. Great collection of games from the forgotten era of C64!

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Please be aware there's a bug in the highscore table still in 1.2... if you get the highest score on the highscore then the scores don't get pushed down properly.  I'll need to make a patch and release a v1.3

1.3 is now available. Highscores should be fixed now!

Wow, what an awesome tribute, just finished the PC game recently. Love Game & Watch games! 

Nice you got James' browser page embedded! I need to do this too

this is brilliant, a must play! 

Elevators.... I know a new Mario game with Elevators :P

Thank you, should be fixed now (v1.2)

Should be fixed now with v1.2

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I've seen the issue, and fixed it and uploaed a fix for it a few days ago - I'm not sure but maybe caches old files or something.. could you try a new download and see if it's fixed for you?  I've noticed you're not the only one who's seen this bug either. Thanks for playing and letting me know.

edit: I see the issue too, ye it's after you play the game once - I'll patch it in the next release, thanks again.

thank you! I used to have a 3rd option, thought i'd cleaned it up

The game took me about 5 months working in my spare time - I developed a large portion of the game live on Twitch most Mondays.  You can follow here : Hayesmaker64 on Twitch 

All feedback welcome!

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Here's a place to post any bugs, or problems experienced in playing this version of Mario's Cement Factroy.

Please include:

* C64 Model or Emulator used

* If using Emulator which OS

* Version of the Game (Can be found in Options from the Title Screen)

* Details of the problem

* Steps to reproduce the problem if known.

Anyway to turn off Level 24 during the game? :P

True labour of love... I love it.. and great to have a stable OG Bruce Lee bundled in a crt format.. 10/10

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Planet Golf speed run leaderboards are now live!

beautiful game.. will want to review this for indie retro news now!


Does Coffee Break shootout have light gun support?

The sword could be used to block bullets... Ala Ninja Spirit! :kreygasm


Love the scrolling - huge leap from the already awesome original! 

Great work! Love that you've combined JS/React with C64 dev - as a JS dev interested in learning C64 assembly I'd love to do something similar

is this the finished game?

Nooo download link! nooo!

hi there, also happy to work on ios / macos testing.. game looks fab!

Not sure if there's any merchandise yet, but the developer is quite active on twitter: @tonysavon

If you're liking Planet Golf and wanna win free C64 stuff, check out the Tournament running September-October Upload your video streams  and automatically win Kixx cassettes! 

thanks... Fixed now!

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Soon to be released on iOS AppStore, Thrust 30 is a remake of classic 1980s 8bit gravity based shooter: Thrust.

Try the demo here:

Full release will be available on Itch.

Please support the Steam Greenlight campaign: [link will be added here]

Follow Progress here: