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Amazing Roman.. Good luck with the game, and hope the release goes smoothly!

Thanks so much Radio. To everyone finding the game tough, I'm working on version 1.1 which will add a casual play mode. In casual you won't have to restart the game. Hope it helps open the game a bit more. Thanks for the review! 

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Not everyone can handle the ultimate power of Legend of Wilf 

it is safe for kids, and I hope they enjoy.

Thanks for playing!


Thank you for supporting the C64 Sarah, and grats on the release. Can't wait to play this!

Awesome stuff, thanks for uploading the source James. I've got some interesting ideas how I could use this!

Awesome stuff, looking forward to playing!

Cool! I can't believe I missed this on release!

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happy to share my config with you if you send me an email / discord message or something.  I also have video of the issue if required.

Just gave this a go on stream. It's really good, but not loading properly on Ultimate 64.  With Action Replay fast loader I got the game to load, but after completing a set of levels, it wouldn't load the next (just stuck on a blank screen).. and without fast loader, the game didn't load at all.  Hopefully will have more luck in 1.1.

At first I was worried it was going to be the top down RPG that came out on the Lynx... This is quality, well done Roman!

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Woot! Really glad this is getting improvements.  Can't wait to see it.  Capture the Flag mode sounds nuts! 

Jolie woz ere 

Thanks Trap, glad you like it

Thank you, as it was my first assembly game I wanted to keep it simple, and just copy a game I grew up with. I think it worked out ok, but haven't ruled out adding to it in the future.  

RIP Stepz, you leave a great game here for us to enjoy forever. We lost an extremely talented musician, game dev, a knowledgable gamer and above all a good friend.  It's an honour you chose to spend so much time with us. So long mate. 

The best shootemup on C64.

there;s a CRT version now which mitigates the loading times. Check CSDB

Just updated VICE to 3.7 fixed the crt loading for me.  The disk version still crashed, though maybe a default Vice install doesn't have True Drive emulation on.

Thanks Sarah, amazing game. I came across a couple of small issues as well. One stopped the smart bombs from working, but I don;'t know how to recreate the issue (I played quite a few games with bombs mapped to 2nd fire button, and they worked at first but after about 6 games they stopped working).  I did save settings to disk at some point, but that didnt seem to cause the issue the 2nd time I tried.    Also myself and a viewer couldnt load the game on Vice (We were trying on Windows Vice 3.6.0). Though the game ran fine on my Ultimate 64, and others say it works ok on Vice, so I will try to update Vice and try again.  Thanks so much for the game, it's amazing.  

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Really enjoying News Stand, it's tough, but still great fun to learn to solve the puzzles.  Graphics are great, and controls are perfect. Great work.

shame about your Amiga, I hope you can get a good dev kit for Commodore coding going forward.

Great to know the other epic pig adventure is still in progress!

Is there any chance of a patch which adds the option to reverse up and down on the turret sections (so it's like it was in Beach Head)?

70 Sprites! OMG!

Wow this might be the best damn webpage I've found in the last 2 and a half decades!

Damnit Nivrig, i'm totally hooked on trying to BEAT AMIGA BILL

This game is for the CIRCLE jerkers lmao

Arcade quality in under 4K! 

Amazing, thanks Graeme! No Mercy! 

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Many grats on the release, you put your soul into this one, cheers for everything!  Do pre-orders for the physical games come with access to the digital version?

Awesome. I absolutely loved Turbo Charge!

Did Atari 2600 dev make you want to return to C64 game dev yet? :P

how do you end a turn?

This game is shaping up really nicely.. I played the IIm when it was first relased and seeing it evolve to a huge game like IIo has been really cool. Can't wait for the final!.

it's better than Spindizzy! :)

great work dr!

Awesome game, this is classic scramble brought bang up to date.  Love it.  Technically superb, and a joy to play.   great work sarah! 

Awesome game, this is classic scramble brought bang up to date.  Love it.  Technically superb, and a joy to play.   great work sarah!