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Version for Binary Lambda Calculus?

A topic by migamake created Apr 27, 2018 Views: 565 Replies: 3
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It would be nice to see a version of this game for Binary Lambda Calculus:

This is a minimal language that understands only `0` and `1`

Or Iota:

Developer (1 edit)

Nice idea but I cannot understand that.

Provided blc interpreters are minified beyond recognition and lambda-calculus definitions  doesn't tell me much.

As for Iota, huh, I feel stupid. I'd have to reimplement it differently because js does not support tail recursion; their implementation simply doesn't work. tbh I have no idea how approach this.

Adding an additional esoteric languages is a sound idea and I might do just that; but lc is not my cup of tea.

edit: Are you aware of any js implementation of any of those languages that works? or non-js that is written in readable code? might help to implement a js version...