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Great  game, even though waiting for all adamandite training is a wee bit boring.

And enemies are rather boring after initial map is cleared.

Initial map and final keeper present some challenge though.

Can I request the following features:

1. Keyboard for movement.
2. Less confusing description (it seems to have little or no semblance to minesweeper.)
3. Faster pace.
4. iPhone version

Do you plan to update it and re-release?

Indeed the game is fun when it does not hang, but it needs playtesting so it is possible to pass a level.

Game crashed:


Uncaught abort(151) at Error
    at jsStackTrace (blob:
    at stackTrace (blob:
    at abort (blob:
    at cFm (blob:
    at Hll (blob:
    at Pll (blob:
    at jXk (blob:
    at iWk (blob:
    at XVk (blob:
    at Rvh (blob:
    at uXe (blob:
    at vXe (blob:
    at G5k (blob:
    at _Se (blob:
    at UYk (blob:
    at Owm (blob:
    at invoke_viiii (blob:
    at w1g (blob:
    at $Ve (blob:
    at _Ve (blob:
    at VVe (blob:
    at uSe (blob:
    at t8h (blob:
    at Lvm (blob:
    at invoke_iiiii (blob:
    at fRl (blob:
    at n0l (blob:
    at k2 (blob:
    at e2 (blob:
    at xMb (blob:
    at hMb (blob:
    at gic (blob:
    at fic (blob:
    at uTb (blob:
    at TOb (blob:
    at HOb (blob:
    at Mxm (blob:
    at browserIterationFunc (blob:
    at Object.runIter (blob:
    at Browser_mainLoop_runner (blob:
If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.


When will we see iPhone/Android version? Current HTML version doesn't like iOS touch :-(.

Do you have any logs so that you can debug it?

Or Iota:

It would be nice to see a version of this game for Binary Lambda Calculus:

This is a minimal language that understands only `0` and `1`

It would be also good to introduce *fast* and *superfast* mode where GUI is updated every 100/10000 cycles for longer programs.

Thanks! Now it does work, but scroll overflows look way too ugly (screenshot attached from Chrome.)


I tried the game in Firefox and Google Chrome, and it did not execute a single command when I pressed STEP or RUN.

Memory does not change, neither does program pointer wander.