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The game does not work?

A topic by migamake created Apr 26, 2018 Views: 531 Replies: 4
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I tried the game in Firefox and Google Chrome, and it did not execute a single command when I pressed STEP or RUN.

Memory does not change, neither does program pointer wander.

Developer (1 edit)

Terribly sorry, I'm clumsy :/

Should work now (the issue was caused by flawed build process). 

thanks a lot for reporting <3

Thanks! Now it does work, but scroll overflows look way too ugly (screenshot attached from Chrome.)

It would be also good to introduce *fast* and *superfast* mode where GUI is updated every 100/10000 cycles for longer programs.


As for scrollbars - chrome fix is not difficult but every other browser sucks; I dislike js solutions for this issue :/ I need to consider hiding them entirely maybe, not sure yet.

The first button in editor panel ([ ]) toggles fast mode ([ ]/[F]). I'll add super fast. Not as fast as you wish I guess though. Need to optimise drawing code first; I guess it'll be super-super fast in the future :)