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RealmCraft 3D: Free Block Building Game with Skins Export to Minecraft

Free Survival Block Crafting Game. Explore Sandbox World and Build Cubes in 3D! · By Tellurion Mobile Games


A topic by Nikki Nyx created Apr 25, 2018 Views: 384 Replies: 6
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How is this any different from Minecraft? I mean, other than the wildlife, it looks nearly the same. Is it played differently? Different building mechanics? Smaller blocks for better builds?

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thats just a marketing ploy i do the same thing when im promoting my youtube

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Can you please clarify your question, where we were using  unrelated tags?

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it`s fine =)


First of all, we have a different Skins, and, as you have already mentioned, wildlife and different mobs.  We have a variety of Blueprints and completely different textures. We added an emoji to a multiplayer chat. Now you are able to launch fireworks and much more. 

And also, its completely free =)

it wont allow me to download it!

I sure am glad there are emojis to differentiate it from Minecraft!