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New(?) Itch App Issues - Library and Collections

A topic by dirt_mound created Apr 22, 2016 Views: 336 Replies: 3
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looks like there's a significant redesign of the Itch app in progress? i am excited to see what appears to be web browser display getting built into the app since that can probably afford for some nice integration (showing each app's Itch page in the app instead of launching a separate browser, AWESOME!). BUT, i'm also having a couple issues that make this version significantly worse to use (for now) than previously.

in the earlier version of the itch app, only items i have actually given money to were placed into my library. other items showed in their relevant collections. this was nice for keeping track of things that maybe i SHOULD donate to. now, everything is mixed up - seems like everything i've downloaded is forced into library whether i've paid/donated for it or not. the header of this library even says "Things you gave money to" which is false for most of the items now showing under library.
image proof:

as mentioned above, collections were my favorite way of organizing the apps i find on Itch. it was wonderful to be able to browse the itch website, add a game to a particular collection, and then have it immediately synced and available for download in the Itch app under that collection. the new Itch app breaks (maybe only private?) collections.
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alright, I've found a workaround for the issue i was having with private collection pages not displaying, but it also raises other questions about the way the Itch app is working and potential security issues. it appeared to be due to not being signed in (having permission) to view the information in the Itch app browser, even though i do sign in with my username and password to the Itch app itself. so, i clicked on the tab under BASICS, then I used the LOGIN button to log into my account again inside the browser in the Itch app. closed the tabs for my collections that were broken, and reopened them (Why are collections even listed under My Creations now? I presume they're typically used to organize games that are mostly not "my creations"). this solved the problem for now.

i tested exiting the Itch app and signing back in, and it maintained my login within the Itch browser. i suppose this is good, since it will only force anyone to do this once to fix the problem - or the app can do it automatically since the user enters their username and password to connect to their account with the app. BUT, I did notice that the Itch app saved my login credentials, so it is now possible for anyone with physical access to my computer to gain full access to my Itch account using the Itch app browser (the in-app URL bar allows you to go wherever you want - delete my account? change my payment email address and intiate a payout?).

This seems like a potentially serious security issue - can I have the option to forget my credentials between sign-ins if the app is going to be this deeply integrated with my account? I note that right now, there is an option to LOGOUT in the app, but if you do that, there is no request for password or username to log back in. This should be changed, and there should be an option to automatically log out every time the app exits.

last one for now, i promise :) inside the Itch app browser, it is of course still possible to log out of my account. for now, i have chosen to do this, since it prevents access to modifications of my account by anybody with access to the Itch app running on my machine. however, this again breaks the private collections - just wanted to point it out for anyone that might follow along this same path of thought. thanks for a great app so far - hopefully, these are relatively simple issues to review and find some improvements.

Admin (1 edit)

Hey dirt_mound! apologies for the super late response, running through my community backlog as I'm catching a breath after all this coding :)

About private collections: the "redesign" was released under a tight schedule, and the version you tried was just displaying the collection as a web tab — and, because of the lack of auto-login, it broke private collections. Collections now have a proper in-app view that works for both public & private ones :)

> Why are collections listed under My Creations

Overly zealous redesign on my part! The 'My collections' is also there again in latest versions of the app.

About "Things you gave money to", the wording has been changed and will ship soon. I'm still not sure what exactly should show up in "Library" vs "Installed", still trying to think of what's the best course of action here.