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Welcome to the Mayo Hole message board! Sticky

A topic by Fangamer created Jul 06, 2022 Views: 770 Replies: 7
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Hi, everyone!

First off, thank you all so much for checking out my game! It's my first time making a piece of software from the ground up. I'm really excited to finally get it out in the world and want to hear what you all think so I can make the final experience the best it can be!

Below, you'll find different topics for leaving your feedback, reporting bugs, and just discussing the game in general. After completing this open beta, it would help me greatly for you to leave a comment, no matter how small. I'll be reading them all and taking them into account as I continue working . Also, your engagement with the product helps show all of us at Fangamer how much interest there is in the project. Downloads, discussions here on the boards, and social media posts using the #MayoHole tag all directly help the game get the resources needed to reach a strong v1.0 launch later next year!

Thanks again for playing, and I look forward to hearing from you. 

-Jack Murphy (Designer, Programmer, Artist)


Mayonnaise Hole is still one of my favorite camp memories, and it's such a treat to FINALLY be able to introduce this sport to my friends and family at home! I think I've got the perfect new "First Time in VR?" game to share!!! :3


Thank you, BubblyOasis! It was great seeing you in VR! : )


I loved getting to play Mayonnaise Hole in VR! It felt just like the real Camp Fangamer (TM) experience.

Like the real-life game, it required an immense amount of concentration and was a tad bit frustrating (in a good way). I wonder if the intro tutorials shouldn't be easier to help ease in players who have never heard of the game / gotten to play it in real life. Bigger holes? More hands-on, narrated guidance on how to master Mayonnaise Hole techniques?

I have to say also that this game is hysterically funny. I loved the highway level and the final chimney puzzle had me in stitches. I'm eagerly looking forward to the rest of the game!!!


We appreciate the feedback!

Those are some good ideas for introducing the player to the concept of Mayonnaise Hole. I'll ponder on that some more and see how that could best be implemented in the future

Thanks again for posting!


Thank you for giving me the chance to finally experience Mayonnaise Hole!

Is it cheating when I use the stick to nudge the Mayonnaise in? It's still very difficult, and hilariously satisfying when it actually works. Good work making use of mechanics that feel better in VR, and including secret(s?) in a beta release. I'm the type to check everything I can think of for hidden interactions (and it's extra special in VR), so I tried things like lowering the Mayonnaise into the window of the truck you stand on...

This (along with the VRC worlds) does a lot for us who could only see community events from the outside. My non-VR friends enjoyed watching me play it, too. Thank you!


Thank you for the kind words!

That's not cheating at all! I think as long as you're not inserting the packet by hand, it's fair game.

I love secrets as well and I hope you'll enjoy exploring more in the full version.

We have a wonderful community and I remember what it was like to watch yet still feel seperated from it all. We're lucky to have options now that let anyone from anywhere in the world join in and feel like they're part of a large group of friends. I'm very glad to hear you're enjoying the VRC worlds and hope you continue to make good memories there!

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Just got an Oculus Rift S and played Mayo Hole at last! Really fun, you really have the physics down so well. It truly feels like playing mayonnaise hole in real life! And I really like that there's a narrative element to it.