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Looking forward to your next project, as always! <3

The scoring for this game was really rewarding. Even when I did badly, I was still having fun!

I always love seeing new games from you! :D Really enjoyed the car as a movement mechanic. 

I made a lot of choices hehe. I love the layouts of each "room"! Very fun.

It will be worth all the effort. <3 I never got to play the original in Flash, but I'm looking forward to this one!

Congrats on the final release! Can't wait to see the rest of the game! <3

Love it! Looking forward to the release! <3

Congrats! Looking forward to your next project. :)

I love the worldbuilding you've set up for this game! Looking forward to the release whenever it's ready. <3

Looking forward to the full release! I've really enjoyed the first part of the game. <3

Thanks for archiving the comic! :3 

Absolutely take all the time you need! Also, spooky-time is year-round for a lot of us, so you don't need to release in October! <3 Take some time and make it shine. :3

Found you through the direct and very excited for the demo whenever it's ready! <3 

I got 65! Really fun and simple concept. If you wanted, I think you could evolve this into a more complex project with varied level design and enemies. 

Your creations always bring joy to me, keep making beautiful things! <3

Yay for more people being able to play! Really enjoyed this. <3

A NomNomNami character as a plush? YES PLEASE! <3

So excited for Hineini, but please don't burn yourselves out though! I want you and Ariel to make more games! <3 

I just love how your tiny universe connects together through all your games. This bite-sized treat was perfect for Poffin! Enjoyed every moment! <3

Take all the time you need to recover! I'm so excited to see this game come to fruition and I'm willing to wait. <3 

Can't wait to see more games from you! <3 Great job!

Gorgeous! I can't believe this is only half-way - seriously, people are truly getting a great value for everything you're making. <3

I am, thank you! <3

I've been really enjoying the game so far! I had a small question - is it possible to get chapters out of order? On my first playthrough I got Chapter 13 - I wasn't sure how  linear the game is since there's a flowchart involved, but I thought I would let you know! <3

So exciting! :3 Looking forward to Track 2!

As an animator who adores mixed mediums, I love that you're going with a different Ruby design for each area. I think my favorite is the puppet, but all of them really fit their designs well, while still being recognizable as your character. <3 Excellent work!

Can't wait to play Track 2! :3

I really like this mechanic! The story was simple but very memorable. I imagine someone watching a playthrough would really get the sense of the bird just wandering around. It took me a while to figure out some of the mechanics for pushing the brown square onto the bird, but once I got that everything flowed much easier. I was able to complete it and I really enjoyed the experience.

I've been in this situation before - I was going to my grandfather's funeral and not sure I would make it in time. You've captured the mood and the frustration (and helplessness) perfectly. <3

Picturing some intricate rooftop gardens with these! :3

No problem! I hope to play your games someday! :3

Food trucks!! :3 Awesome!

These are lovely animations! Can't wait for Track 2!!! <3

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Yes! Finally some more useful vehicles. It's so hard to find a good ambulance. :3 This will be especially great for horror and mystery games. Will the rear doors open? :D This will work so well with all your interior hospital tiles as well.

Well said. <3

The music, obstacles, and gentle whispers really make this enjoyable. :3

Thanks, as always, for including modular assets! This is the most variety of sign shapes I've seen! Love the colors too. :3

Love the waterwheel! <3 Great color palette too. 

Yeah! I've been meaning to try out the new sound effects and music maker! :)