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I absolutely adore this concept! I really hope you decide to make it. Reptiles and Magical Girls are two of my favorite things. <

Please take good care of yourself! <3 You deserve rest.

A forklift or a scissor lift would be awesome additions too. :)

I love these quality of life improvements, particularly shouting out what the character is doing that turn. Also, I love the shiny effects! Can't wait to play with the other characters too. :3

I really enjoyed the levels! Slingshotting a strawberry around is super fun.

Traffic cones! I've never seen any good construction-related city sets, these are great. <3

Mailboxes! I just started a new job as a mail carrier so I've never been more happy to see some in cute pixelated versions! :)

The grass and shrubs complement the graffiti perfectly - makes it feel like it's hidden and less well-kept than the other city areas.

Congrats on completing the skeleton form of Track 2! I'm so excited for the next track. <3 I also hope you're taking good care of yourself. <3

Your details are so good! This will be one of the most detailed exterior packs ever!

Lovely garage animation! This can be used for all kinds of situations. :)

A beautiful start to a new expansion!

Modern Interiors was absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see what you do outside! <3

Wow, your work with Riot is awesome!!! I've missed your updates and I enjoy seeing your work. It brings me a smile every morning! Hope 2022 is a great year for you, my friend! <3

Glad you're done with finals! <3 Hope you have a lovely holiday season too. :)

This is like looking in a mirror and seeing myself sleep every night. Too real, but that means you nailed it. :)

Thanks for sharing! It's really cool to see how much you've grown in just these sprites alone. :D

Congrats on finishing the game the way you wanted it! 4 years well spent. <3

This is a wonderful manifesto. I needed to hear this message, as it's been a while since I've let myself just make art for myself. <3

The music really sets the mood! This is great for a first bitsy game. :)

Thank you for your comment. I've been going through a dark time and it helps to know I'm able to help someone else even if just in a small way. <3

The grass looks great! I agree that the sidewalks look more natural now.

The Goblin side had a wonderful story and the baby side was really well done. <3

Love the animation! Really dynamic! :)

Sorry to hear about your tendonitis! Glad you're taking care of yourself. Thanks for the sneak peek!

You have a lovely voice! :D

I liked Herman's songs! The timing for the final archery tournament was fun too. A nice tiny game. :D

These are some wonderful quality of life improvements! :3

This struck a deep chord with me. I've never experienced anything like this, but I felt like I was living it through you. Beautiful words and this ghost will surely haunt me for a long time to come. Thank you for sharing. <3

Great text! This is just like being a real writer, except with more free candy.

I really enjoyed replaying and replaying to find all of the endings! Great characters, as always. I love seeing it from everyone's point-of-view.

You've got this! Thanks for all your hard work. As a former tester, I know how hard it can be to reproduce bugs when you're limited on machines to test on. <3 Looking forward so much to the launch announcement! :3

I'm a huge fan of the Bad Ben movies and this is a loving tribute to them. <3 Thank you for making this!

Congrats on the release!!! :3

Thank you for making these wonderful games. <3

Makes me want to go eat a peanut-butter sammy! :3 That's such a lovely detail - I'll be visiting home a ton when I play!

Awesome work! :3 Happy to see it's getting more attention. <3

So exciting! I grew up with these games and I can't wait to try yours! <3

Thanks to you, I made my very first zine! I wasn't in time for the 2nd jam, but I finished it!  Your program is truly wonderful and magical! <3

Love seeing the progress from concept to placeholder! :D