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Shopping Mall!!! So excited! The escalators look great!

The updated art desks and easels look great!

This tiny adventure was adorable and hilarious! <3

Thanks for the scary additions! This will pair perfectly with the spooky house tiles!

Hey Kurus, I hope you'll keep fighting your depression. <3 It can seem impossible at times, but it is possible to find moments of happiness again. <3 Take care out there!

Bwahaha-ha! :3

I'm really glad you made this game, if nothing else, than to capture what it was like to be in these tiny secret communities! We need more early internet culture captured like this for future generations! Really cool!

This has really good pacing for a horror game! Loved the animations and the photo-like pixel art later on! The sound design here is really good too, especially for the monster (that low growl sounds especially good in headphones!). Also, I'm delighted to have found the duck ending! So cute! <3

Stay strong out there! Always remember to give yourself time to breathe. <3

Butcher stuff might work well with some of your spooky horror-themed tiles as well! :D

Thank you! I wanted to make sure no one would be made too uncomfortable by it. I know I have to be careful not to ingest too much depression-related media when I'm in the middle of a heavy episode myself. <3

The music in this game is perfect! I don't know if you timed it to crescendo when you activate the last shrine or pass through the wall, but it did for me, and it was chilling!

Lovely!!! :3 Love the little covering over the carts! <3

I love the bakery! That glass display looks so nice. Will you be doing stacks of shopping carts? Like the kind you see near the entrance or in the parking lot?

The new textbox border looks great! The bottom align really does show off more of your art. Nice music choice too!

Very informative! I enjoyed playing and learning more about face blindness. Although I don't have it myself, I do remember one time that my brother (a very hairy man with full beard, mustache, you name it) shaved off all of his hair. I see him everyday at work, so when he came up to me and said "Hi Joanie!" I completely blanked and awkwardly tried to just say hi and leave. I was so embarrassed because I knew this was someone that I should know, but I couldn't identify the face. I can't imagine how much more stressful that must be to do that with most faces that you encounter. (And you didn't blabber too much, I loved hearing about it!)

Your hard work was absolutely worth it! This will make mapping so much faster. Big thank you! <3 <3 <3

I'm super hyped for grocery store stuff! :D

That makes sense! I hope to see more games from you! :3

Solid little ghost game! I love the cats and dogs theming here! I could see you expanding this and adding different types of dogs and cats or little themed obstacles to power up or slow down players.

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Solid little mini-game!  If you wanted to make this into a more complex game, I second adding the things TitledEel suggests here as well!

I love this concept of merging crafting with time management, but I couldn't figure out the controls for the game. I couldn't tell how to get materials or how to use the stations. I could place them though. Sometimes I could click a customer even if I didn't have anything to give them? There wasn't any feedback to the player for me getting paid or if the customer was happy. Really nice visuals though!

Love the adorable graphics and sound! The game runs a little bit too slow for my tastes, but it's fully functional and completable, so great job!

This is a great little top-down adventure game! I like the idea of being able to retrieve your weapons and that you only have a limited amount. It makes for a great challenge.

Solid mini-game! I did find a bug if you miss clicking on a ghost, you aren't able to shoot it or any other ghosts. Really atmospheric sounds make this super creepy and fun to play!

Solid game! The controls are a little confusing, but once you figure them out, it's really fun trying to plan out where to place the bombs to get the best chain reaction. It's really satisfying when you get a long chain going.

Brought back fond memories of the swatting game from Mario Paint! Really solid bug animations - it really felt like they were really swarming around the screen. If you had some music and SFX it would really make the swatting pop! 

Really solid concept for a car game! The controls are very precise, so it's hard for a newbie like me to figure them out, but I could see racing game fans really enjoy this challenge. It's nice that you don't have to have a button pushing the gas constantly. I imagine once you figure out drifting this game is very satisfying to watch as well. Nice pixel effects and SFX on the drift too!

Really solid micro-game! I could see this being in a mini-game compilation game like a Wario Ware game. It's got a fun aesthetic. It does move pretty fast - might be a good idea to have several catches, each moving up in speed if you wanted to expand it into a larger game.

Well done! Very solid concept! You could easily make this into a more complex game by introducing dangerous elements (like a black hole, asteroids, ships) to make this even more challenging. The music really adds to the experience as well. It's a little frustrating at first because I expected the ship to stop firing thrust when I let go. Once I figured out how the ship operated, I was doing much better. You could also add a fuel gauge if you want players to really watch how much thrust they use.

You've really captured the feel of those old flash ad games! The sounds were hilarious and I loved the kid toy references! I grew up in this era, so this was very fun to play!

You've really nailed the basic concept. With some quicker moving bugs and updated graphics, this would be a great counting game for kids!

Solid little space shooter! It runs a little slow in the browser. Great sound effects. I like that any shot that doesn't hit you goes towards destroying your planet as well. If you wanted to expand this, you could go for something akin to missile command except instead of sacrificing cities you're sacrificing ships.

Solid concept. The only thing that's frustrating is when you get an unsolvable map. If you wanted to improve this and make a bigger game, it might be easier to use this prototype to randomly generate levels and make sure they're solvable and then program them individually into the new game. You could also try limited the number of pieces that end in dead ends as well.

This concept has a lot of potential! I didn't realize I was in the tutorial at first and thought the game wasn't working, so it might help to have an intro screen with the instructions and then drop you into the game. It's easy enough to figure out without a complex tutorial. Good sounds and music too. I could see this being really fun, especially if you had some kind of system where you have to figure out which weapons are the most effective for which monster. (For example: instead of killing them in one hit, they do X or Y damage.)

Really neat that you were able to make a shoot-em-up in DragonRuby! The pixel graphics for this are really impressive.  The controls were a little sticky - I had trouble moving left and right quickly enough to dodge the enemy bullets and I wasn't firing enough of my bullets quickly enough. The side panels on the C-menu were an interesting puzzle in their own right. 

Reminds me of those quick stacking arcade games! I love the cake theming - if you had more than an hour and some additional art it would be cool to see the cake sections falling off as you place them on. You could always add on more challenges like putting decorations or candles on the layers as well if you wanted to make this into something more than a game jam game.

Simple concept, but surprisingly fun! Honestly, this mechanic would work really well for one of those "clicker"-style games like Cookie Clicker.

Great game for anyone who loves cats! This could be made into a more complex game with challenges for keeping all the kitties on the rug. Given more time and art you could even put the kitties in a box and watch them slowly escape.

Really interesting concept! It starts out very simple but once you hit a few things the dragon becomes nearly uncontrollable - you could easily build some kind of "Rage" mechanic around this, where you have to complete the objective before you lose control completely.