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I really like this mechanic! The story was simple but very memorable. I imagine someone watching a playthrough would really get the sense of the bird just wandering around. It took me a while to figure out some of the mechanics for pushing the brown square onto the bird, but once I got that everything flowed much easier. I was able to complete it and I really enjoyed the experience.

I've been in this situation before - I was going to my grandfather's funeral and not sure I would make it in time. You've captured the mood and the frustration (and helplessness) perfectly. <3

Picturing some intricate rooftop gardens with these! :3

I really like this concept and I can't wait to see it! :3

No problem! I hope to play your games someday! :3

Food trucks!! :3 Awesome!

These are lovely animations! Can't wait for Track 2!!! <3

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Yes! Finally some more useful vehicles. It's so hard to find a good ambulance. :3 This will be especially great for horror and mystery games. Will the rear doors open? :D This will work so well with all your interior hospital tiles as well.

Well said. <3

The music, obstacles, and gentle whispers really make this enjoyable. :3

Thanks, as always, for including modular assets! This is the most variety of sign shapes I've seen! Love the colors too. :3

Love the waterwheel! <3 Great color palette too. 

Yeah! I've been meaning to try out the new sound effects and music maker! :)

Please take care of yourself! We care about you. If you have to be away for a week or two, it will be okay.

Love what you've done for the shops! The shutters you made are perfect! :3

Been following this project on Tumblr for a long time! So excited for the final release! <3 The new website is perfect! :D

We all need a peaceful walk - loved all the details about the tiny NPCs at the lake. <3

There are some very beautiful moments in this game, but the true beauty lies in the descriptions. A captivating tale that draws you in closer and closer with each new discovery. :3

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Since you're working on a ground-level store - would it be possible to get a little steel gate that shuts down (to show it's closed for the night) or adapting your warehouse garage door/shutters for that purpose? Love everything so far! The window designs here are great, and the ATM is super useful!

This little guy brightened my day during a very dark time in my life. Just had to buy one. <3

I'm a huge fan of crane machines (and also bi) so this felt made for me. Wishing us both luck in finding someone to give our crane machine prizes to. :) Short and bittersweet. <3

Seeing your artwork always brightens my day! <3

I totally forgot if this is a thing (because you have so many updates) but do we have any perching or flying pigeons yet in this pack? :3

You're getting really good at making these short games! The chase scene in this one (for Black Baron) was much more enjoyable this time around.

Beautiful work! The details in the molding are particularly nice. <3 Love the recessed doorways too!

These will be super useful for doing more dynamic buildings like a fancy hotel front with a curved drive! :3 Could even put a fountain or garden in the center for flair! The ideas are multiplying, lol!

Those curving sidewalks are beautiful! <3

With just code alone? That's incredible! :O

This series was a wonderful addition to an already versatile pack! Thanks for the beautiful artwork! <3

So relieved to hear you're doing better! Looking forward to 10 Days to Jupiter! <3 

These look amazing! :3 Never enough good boat sprites!

These new sprites are gorgeous! So much personality and I adore the radio tower! <3

Love the sprouts and bark colors! This adds so much lovely texture and variety to the forest tiles! <3

You never see mobile homes in any modern pack, so these are extremely valuable. <3

Wonderful to see them all compiled together! <3 Thank you for making these games. They bring so much joy to your fans! <3

Mayonnaise Hole is still one of my favorite camp memories, and it's such a treat to FINALLY be able to introduce this sport to my friends and family at home! I think I've got the perfect new "First Time in VR?" game to share!!! :3

There's so much personality in how the lifelikes are moving. I love the construction guard rails! Left comes off as super bubbly and right is just chilling. 

The fish! So cute! :) Excited to see more modular Pier parts! Could be fun to use this to make a boardwalk pier, for example!

Bubbles!!! Those would be perfect for a fishing mini-games or just to give some life to the lake :3

So glad to hear you're feeling rested after your vacation! You deserve it! :3 

Being creative right now is so hard, but I love seeing your updates because they give me hope. <3