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List of Multiplayer bugs that I have encountered.

A topic by deathrl created Apr 24, 2018 Views: 518 Replies: 3
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Here's a list of Multiplayer bugs that I have encountered throughout my experience with this game. If there are fixes for these already please tell me below.

1.  I cannot see my teammate when I create a game, only their shadow is visible.

2.  After a while of playing the game I can no longer collect debris with my hook or my hands, only debris nets.

3.  I cannot see when my teammates shark is eating a foundation piece, it just looks like a shark that's frozen underneath it.

4.  Chests are the only way I can transport items to another player, as a dropped item will not show to my teammate.

5.  Massive amounts of ping lag on my teammates point of view, even we are both in the same room and both on Ethernet.

6.  Fishing rods don't pull in fish.

I hope this helps future development as I am not ready to pay $19 for a game like this on steam, and would much rather be able to enjoy this with a mate for free, and probably as good! By the way this game is amazing and the development is outstanding, keep it up!

You do realise Raft and upcoming Steam version are same game (Steam version just more recent. vastly expanded version) done by same developers. Also there is not going to be any further updates to version.

Why not?

Because they're developing Steam version of Raft that  they're going to charge 19.99$ for on early access release coming in 23th of May. The fact that they've stopped the development of version has been written on the game page for over a year now you know:

"Raft will be released on Steam Early Access on May 23, 2018, with multiplayer, reefs and much more new content and features! To be notified when it launches, please visit our Steam page and press 'Add to your wishlist'! We are not releasing any new updates on as we are working towards a Steam Early Access release. To read more about this announcement, visit our Blog!"