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Why not?

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Here's a list of Multiplayer bugs that I have encountered throughout my experience with this game. If there are fixes for these already please tell me below.

1.  I cannot see my teammate when I create a game, only their shadow is visible.

2.  After a while of playing the game I can no longer collect debris with my hook or my hands, only debris nets.

3.  I cannot see when my teammates shark is eating a foundation piece, it just looks like a shark that's frozen underneath it.

4.  Chests are the only way I can transport items to another player, as a dropped item will not show to my teammate.

5.  Massive amounts of ping lag on my teammates point of view, even we are both in the same room and both on Ethernet.

6.  Fishing rods don't pull in fish.

I hope this helps future development as I am not ready to pay $19 for a game like this on steam, and would much rather be able to enjoy this with a mate for free, and probably as good! By the way this game is amazing and the development is outstanding, keep it up!