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Submitted Games Not Listed

A topic by One Seed Fruit created Apr 24, 2018 Views: 194 Replies: 2
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Hi, I've recently submitted 2 Ludum Dare 41 games on ( and (  

For both submissions, under "Pricing", I've set to "No payments", and "Visibility & access" set to "Public" with "Unlisted in search & browse" unchecked.

I'm not sure what have I been missing, but both submissions are not listed. Not in "Recently added" (, not in searches either ('s) ( While games that were submitted as recently as minutes ago have appeared listed and can be found when searched, like (

I've checked the games I submitted over and over again and I can't find anything that may cause them to be unlisted and I'm lost. 

May I know what did I miss? Thank you!


Hello, sorry about the delay. You weren't missing anything, your game pages are indexed now. We've been tweaking the heuristics for games that get marked for additional review and yours got put into the queue. 

Alright, thanks!!

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