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Bullet Hell / Shoot-em-up Hybrid: Existential Crisis

A topic by Retrocade Media created Apr 23, 2018 Views: 143
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Inspired by ultra hard Bullet Hell games like Star Soldier, combined with the power fantasy of games like Aero Fighters, comes Existential Crisis! This game is the first fully featured game we have produced, and while it may be short, it is fun and difficult. It utilizes a shield mechanic and extreme power ups that demolish enemies!

You are Kyle Kaboom, the leader of Squad-Z, and one of the few human   survivors of the galactic war Aluminum. Under the orders of Captain Keen, your mission is to lead a final attack against the alien menace Allis. Failure will lead to the total extinction of the human race, and the death of millions of other organisms in all corners of the universe. Allis will not go down without a fight, but neither will we. There will be hell to pay.

Its cheap too! Get it for $2 here: