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Great game but application memory... 80gb..

A topic by Tediscool created Jun 30, 2022 Views: 149 Replies: 6
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Great game but application memory... 1GB more every second...


oh no! Could you let me know what operating system and hardware you're running the game on?

Honestly I think it's just my computer is trash but here: (Thanks for replying)

MacBook air: M1

Cores: 8 performance and 4 efficiency

Memory: 8GB (Prob reason why)

Firmware Version: 7429.81.3

OS Loader Version : Same as above 

Hardware UUIDLL D0DEA1D2-B576-5081-A148-BEBAC1D94E17

Provisioning UDIDL: 00008103-000518C3EFB001E (Does this even help I think this information is useless)


Thank you so much for the information! I'll look into this and try to fix the memory leak ASAP!

Ok thanks


I just put an update out that should hopefully fix this issue, let me know if it's still using way too much memory! Thank you for playing!

I rlly want to play it, it looks rlly fun and cool