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For some reason for mac its 5 kib and doesn't even show in library.

ok thanks

Like when I move the cursor it takes a while for the game to follow the cursor, so when I move it to the left it would take five seconds or so for the cursor in the game to move to the left.

Like when I move the cursor it takes a while to actually like work as in moving the cursor

I don't know if just me but in the game it doesn't sync mouse movement. But I got into the game and it looks great.

I rlly want to play it, it looks rlly fun and cool

Ok thanks

Honestly I think it's just my computer is trash but here: (Thanks for replying)

MacBook air: M1

Cores: 8 performance and 4 efficiency

Memory: 8GB (Prob reason why)

Firmware Version: 7429.81.3

OS Loader Version : Same as above 

Hardware UUIDLL D0DEA1D2-B576-5081-A148-BEBAC1D94E17

Provisioning UDIDL: 00008103-000518C3EFB001E (Does this even help I think this information is useless)

Doesn't work on mac

Great game but application memory... 1GB more every second...

ye very good game

Can't download for mac for some reason

Full details: htfs.Open (initial request): in conn.Connect, exhausted retry context: in conn.tryConnect, while doing GET request: Get ://": dial tcp [::]:80: connnect: connection refused

Pls help look like an elite game I want to play.

I will sub

Great game.

Oh ok

Best game I've ever played honestly in my whole life.

LOL its free now.

After updating it doesn't launch for mac

Good game but made my computer laggy

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Can you make a mac version pls? I've seen other people play it and it looks amazing, although I can't play it