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While I was working on the Unity version I had a text document of things that were "Sealed World 2 wishlist" changes. Things that I thought wouldn't be worth implementing. This is one of them! Shops are in the world now, instead of a menu. You can see what items are in stock (and if anything is on sale) before even talking to the shopkeeper!

I figured it'd be good to have a thread to hold the changes I'm making to Sealed World since I'm rewriting the whole game.

First off, something that's hard to get screenshots of: Skills and effects can target objects in the world.

In the Unity version of the game skills had to target a monster, player, or NPC. Now, you can target a variety of objects and use whatever skills you like on them. I'm planning on using this capability to have what I call "puzzles". An example of a puzzle would be there being three torches in a clearing, if you use a skill that does fire damage in a large enough area to light all three torches at the same time, a chest would be unlocked that would contain some reward (probably a new skill).

I just put an update out that should hopefully fix this issue, let me know if it's still using way too much memory! Thank you for playing!

Hey there! I just put an update out that will place you back on the map if you fall out. Sorry about that!

Thank you so much for the information! I'll look into this and try to fix the memory leak ASAP!

oh no! Could you let me know what operating system and hardware you're running the game on?

Hi there, sorry about that! I'll put a new update up today that will teleport you back to safety if you fall off the map.

Hey, thanks for checking my silly lil' game out!

Please keep the rules in mind when making a post here on the community, I kept them as simple as possible. If you're more of a discord person than a forum person you're welcome to join the Sealed World discord!

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the game!