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Lo-Fi Room

Build lo-fi beats in this hidden object / rhythm game · By Bearmask

Rhythm mapping

A topic by Vic created 53 days ago Views: 52 Replies: 3
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Hello, great game! How did you sync notes with the music in the game?

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Hi thank you! Sorry for the delay in replying, I'm sorry but I'm not sure I 100% understand what you mean? The way I map the music is that I first make the music in a DAW (garageband in this case) then I export the audio. For the note positions, I look at the tracks in garageband and write the note positions all out on paper first. I then add the exported audio and the note positions in the Unity inspector. I'm not sure if that makes sense or it's a bit too specific? The simplified answer is that because I make the music I can just write down the note positions as a number and enter those into the game engine along with the music.  Let me know if you have any more questions! 

If you want to make your own music you can use the beatmaker mode to track beats, you can also edit the saved beat text (the blocks of text people use to share beats) directly if you prefer. Here's the thread on sharing and loading beats:


Very interesting, thanks for sharing! I also have been involved in rhythm games creation, so I created a special editor for such type of games. You can try it on my page MBOY Editor. It's game agnostic and can be used for any game for so-called rhythm mapping. I added markers support, to make possible to attach specific game logic to the notes. You can apply it to your game if you want. 


No problem, oh that's cool! Thanks for sharing! I'm actually not very familiar with rhythm mapping for other games, but I'll have a look at the MBOY Editor and see if it makes sense to apply it to my situation~