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Teensy tiny worlds...

A topic by chris_camacho created Apr 19, 2016 Views: 478 Replies: 12
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Its not like it would take lots of extra memory or even design time...

just make the area (at least) 4 times larger and plonk down a few dozen extra trees...

a very simple object placer would be nice

1/ select height field.(possibly from image)
2/ select prefab model (park bench / tree / race gate etc)
3/ select X,Z ground coordinate, app places it on ground (Y)
4/ if not finished goto step 2


Thanks for the suggestion! Writing it down on my long list.

I'd have bigger maps as a priority! anyone playing a demo could be quickly put off by the size of the worlds, and implementing larger should take very little time....


Yes, it is a priority.

If not in horizontal dimensions, at least raising the maximum altitude quite a bit would be really nice:)


Yes, it will be more appropriate to raise the maximum altitude limit on a map with big horizontal dimensions too. (Since small maps of course tend to not look good from high up).

May I also suggest a map something like an office park? or that has a tall building/tower? this....


Thanks for the suggestion, that would be very nice to have for sure. Something along those lines in on my wishlist as well, we'll see...

can you import blender models? I could knock up a prototype if you wanted

Well, I have been experimenting a bit with importing blender models. I actually made the quad model in blender. However it was a lot of hassle, had to spend a lot of time before getting it right. (I actually never could get the blender textures right). So, while I appreciate the offer I don't feel like going down that route again, at least not now. I expect a lot of more problems would appear when importing several models/a whole scene....)

once I have everything textured I can export to a wide range of formats also happy to provide you full copyright ownership in order to improve this app, which I feel has great potential!


It would be interesting to see it or any other samples of your earlier work.