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Design a creature and eat your way to the top of the food chain. · By Sipho, NinjaKyat, Dominas, DanTM

Bug- Mac

A topic by patytseng created Apr 19, 2018 Views: 292 Replies: 7
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I was unable to open the game on Mac because the program could not find the image called 'ScreenSelector'. The terminal said this. Actually, im going to just put the terminal thing on here...  


Hmmm looks like the data archive is missing. Was the game properly extracted from the archive? How did you download the game? Could you please try downloading and extracting the game again?

I downloaded the game from the desktop app. I believe everything is automatically extracted? I was looking through the game’s library files and nothing ended with .zip. There were only executables and text files.


Thanks for the info! Perhaps downloading the game directly via browser would work? (You can find the download links here: If that works, then this might be an issue with the app, if it doesn't work then it might be a problem with the uploaded archive.

Please let us know if it worked - we'd really appreciate that!

Still doesn't work:


Hi! We've identified an issue with the Metal renderer and released an updated OSX build that should fix the crash. You can find the build here:

Thanks! I’m excited to play this game!

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Hey, just a suggestion...could you please nerf the C'Thal Boss? I went in with the BEST build for Buginis, and still got SHREDDED. Like, into pieces. I'm suggesting: Remove the leeches off the little thing's it sends, heavily nerf the time between when they spawn, add a little more propellant for them (so they attack by bumping you into the wall), cut down the leeches on the wall by 2/5's (that or keep the leeches on the little things, and remove the ones on the walls entirely), and increase the size of the wall a little. That boss is OP. I can't even try to attack it, because the thing's spawn and home in on me WAY to soon. PLEASE NERF THAT BOSS. Just don't nerf the leech.

Also: Don't make the final level a *duck*fest of other creatures. Make little ones. I beat the 0.64 update, and the thing said "enjoy your creation!" There's NO WAY to enjoy ANYTHING, when I have five boss-sized creatures all pinning me against each other. NERF THE FINAL LEVEL, like a lot. I want to ENJOY my creature. Make the difficulty like, first level difficulty. I can easily enjoy that.

Also Also: Can you make more...levels...I think...layers, kinda... and more bosses, I LOVE the bosses. And increase the amount of DNA points you have to get to proceed. AND remove the forced whirlpools.

Also Also Also: Please make more types of Siphonophorae. I love this game. Please. Thank you.

This is meant to go to Sipho. If it doesn't show them this pls.