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you can gain the lightning rod tech once metal is unlocked. killing anyone with lightning would do.

In normal mode there is the last card that ends the game. It makes them all rush into the rocket and escape.

i just waited 2 hours for them to take off on their own... then i ended it... then they took off

how does the rocket take off... i mean does it even?

Hint: farms are not the most efficient food supply experiment with others... especially the renewable supply

Sipho community · Replied to Sipho in Bug- Mac

Thanks! I’m excited to play this game!

Sipho community · Replied to Sipho in Bug- Mac

Still doesn't work:

Sipho community · Replied to Sipho in Bug- Mac

I downloaded the game from the desktop app. I believe everything is automatically extracted? I was looking through the game’s library files and nothing ended with .zip. There were only executables and text files.

Sipho community · Created a new topic Bug- Mac

I was unable to open the game on Mac because the program could not find the image called 'ScreenSelector'. The terminal said this. Actually, im going to just put the terminal thing on here...