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[LFP, FREE] Looking for horror roles

A topic by Amicus created Apr 16, 2018 Views: 249 Replies: 6
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Hi, I am trying to get my start voice acting and I want to get a few projects under my belt. I would like to voice some horror games as the antagonist or narrator, but I can do many other voices as well.
Accents I can do very well (Without going stereotypical) are: Midwestern, English, Japanese, Australian, Russian
I speak English fluently.
A few examples of some of my voices that would fit this role, these are not the only examples of my range, but I feel they fit the category the most:

If you would like to contact me, the best place to reach me is by email

I am looking to do this for free and only for medium-large scale projects only. Sort of like an internship. As much as I appreciate offers from smaller projects, I would like to do a project that will occupy me a bit more.

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While my current project doesn't require voice acting nor is it the type of horror game that I feel you're working for. you have an EXCELLENT range. I especially like the talk show example you posted. Once I finish my current project, I'm considering starting a horror VN project. Should I keep you in mind for that?

Absolutely. Contact me whenever through email or on here whenever you start that down the line.

Are you also a screenwriter?

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Are you referring to the scripts I read? The SCP one I did not write but the others I did yes.

Could you send me some of your writing samples? I'm looking to partner with someone who can help me establish strong narratives in my horror games.

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I will contact you through email