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Some Graphics Quality settings would be useful for those who have low-end machines.

We already have someone working on building models and the like. Are you good with modeling human-based characters and/or animating them?

This is very interesting.

So I have been trying to make modular 3D models for a castle and the interior of the buildings in my current project, but I lack the appropriate skills to create the castle-pieces and 3D models for the project. So, I decided I'd ask if anyone would be willing to join me and my team in creating 3D models for our project. As the tag above stated it would be unpaid, but I will gladly credit you and link to your portfolio if you wish. You can view the projects Trello here: For a list of what is needed and current progress of the project. Also, the game's page is here:


Sure thing, I will message you shortly, only one part is available so you'll be voicing the Ghost Girl if that's fine with you.

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I decided to post this here as a place to list all team members who are working with me to make the game.

Project Lead |

  • Johnny Shumway

Music/Sounds |

  • Christiano Valder

Voices |

  • Skyler Intravia as  Ghost Queen
  • Shakyra Dunn as  Ghost Girl
  • Johnny Shumway as Police Chief

Contact me on Discord - JRS#5630

No Experience Required. 

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I am looking for a female voice actor capable of acting a few lines for a current project. Although I am unable to pay, I will gladly link your portfolio in the game's credits and on the game's page. If you would like to view some descriptions of the voice lines visit the project's Trello page here:

You can view the game's page here:

NOTE: Game is in early development.

I decided I should make a Trello board to keep track of what I need to do and  what has already been done/released. This is also a great way for you to keep up-to-date on the current progress of the game's development if you're interested. Here is the link:

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NOTE: I found a particularly annoying bug in v0.1.0 where the game loads, but keyboard interaction doesn't control the character. You must use a gamepad to move the character at the moment. I'll see if I can patch this right quick.

I believe I fixed it, current version is now v0.1.1.

All bugs you find can be reported here, please check below before posting to see if your bug has already been reported.

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This thread is dedicated to listing the current features of the current version (v0.1.1) of the game:

  1. Primitive First Person Controller (PFPC):
    1. View the "Controls" thread for a list of available controls of the game.
    2. Walking - The player can move around with either the keyboard or a game pad.
    3. Camera Orientation/Look Around - The player can look around with either the mouse or a game pad.
    4. Jumping (TO BE REMOVED) - Allows the player to jump in the game world, the player can either use a keyboard or a game pad.
  2. Primitive Empty Room with Lights - A small empty room with three light sources, the player can move around and experience the current version of the PFPC.

For a list of planned features of the next build view the thread "Next Build Plans".

For a list of final release features that are planned, view the thread "Final Release Feature Plans".

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This thread is dedicated toward the future plans of this game. Build refers to each version of the game that is built and released. For the next version (v0.2.0) here are the plans (Strikethrough marks as complete):

  1. Remove Jumping Mechanic
  2. Primitive Footstep Sounds
  3. View Bobbing
  4. Castle Grounds

For a list of current features implemented in the current version (v0.1.1) view the thread "Current Features List".

For a list of final release features that are planned, view the thread "Final Release Feature Plans".

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, I only got one of the two endings so far (the standard escape by rocket one), but to me this is a great game. Amazing work!

I'm glad y'all enjoyed it, I agree the background being static did make it confusing. Although, I didn't know how to change it in GDevelop other than changing the color. Thanks for playing!

no problem

hm learn something new everyday.

Nice, I like the interesting take on the theme. Good work!

But yeah, I thought maybe it was the latest RPG Maker as well.

I looked in the More Info section, 

Made with PixiJS

No problemo!


np mate keep up the great work!

FYI the deleted post either below or above was an old one I made. I figured I'd let everyone know. Your feedback and critiques are welcome here.

I like it.

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Question, which version of RPG Maker did you use? I am curious.

Oh my bad just looked a more info, you used PixiJS? Awesome.


I like it, it's simple, yet effective. Although could use some sound and music. Bfxr is good for sounds and Bosca Ceoil is great for music. Also the art could be upgraded. Although being a game, it definitely succeeds at being fun.

I enjoyed this, y'all did great! Although I didn't realize I could collect the pink birds, I thought they were obstacles. Other than that loved it!

Awesome, I'll try it out in a few.

Interesting, and very challenging.

I like it!

Hmm... Well I was looking it up and someone said

"Updating a primitive collider position is already costly, polygon colliders are really expensive by definitnion, i only use it for static objects, changing a polygon collider position is really expensive. And on top ot that changing a polygon collider actual polygon.? Its probably not a good idea, you could try but i dont thinl you will succeed. Most people use primitive colliders next to each other to fake a more complex geometry."

So, that's all I can figure out.


What engine did you use? Or was it coded entirely in html5?

It's very interesting. I enjoyed the art style to.

Here are a few things I noticed:

  • I experienced a bug, I walked towards and collided with the green NPC at the beginning and I became stuck walking left, but was up near the top right house so I was completely stuck. Moving with arrow keys did nothing so I had to reload the page.
  • In the bottom right I got stuck while walking by the little fence down there and was unable to move. After a while though I appeared unstuck so I don't know what happened there.
  • Inside the bottom right building against the left bookshelf is it? I got stuck there as well.
  • I feel the music is not necessarily bad, but it gets repetitive. Perhaps add some more tunes that way when you enter a room the music transitions to the more appropriate tune. I feel the current music would maybe be good for an intro sequence to a battle scene.

Aside from these things I enjoyed it, I like the pixel art and it was fun to explore.

4/5 Stars