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Kiwi And Roxy's Arcade

A topic by Kiwi the wolf created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 61 Replies: 1
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This is a Fnaf  fan game called Kiwi And Roxy's Arcade about a boy who's father was murdered and his mother can't find a job . Then he finds out the man who bought out the place where his father worked is hireing kids ages 10-14 so he works there to support him and his mom. Find out what happens next when it's released.

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Hi! Seeing how your game isn't actually released, I moved this topic to Devlogs. You might want to post more details about your plans: what the game is about, how it's going to play, more previews of your assets... Stuff like that. Also, people might want to know how far along you are and what exactly you need the money for. :)