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A simple minimalist text editor. · By Rekka & Devine

Font Size

A topic by grafemo created Apr 13, 2018 Views: 284 Replies: 3
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The tool itself is nice and sustainable. Less functions is more actual writing. 

But i find the default font too small for me to read comfortably what I am writing. 

Tried Ctrl + on Win 10, but it seems not working (and Ctrl - works well sizing the text down more).


It works on OSX but I cannot test on Windows.

I'll see if I cannot find someone with a windows machine who can help.

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some shortcuts don't work well on Windows, one of them being Zoom In. The menu bar says Zoom In is Ctrl+Shift+= and it works for me.

Edit: this seems to be Electron problem, there is probably nothing to do until they fix it

thanks, that works!