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Heavy space retro

A topic by LucaProject created Apr 11, 2018 Views: 87
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As you know there are thousands of these kinds of games, but I'm a fan of the genre, although I'm not a programmer, for me space games are the most fun are the most intuitive, and almost always rewards the skill of the player who must kill all enemies, all this on a game, classic, pixel art style, sound effects, music, creativity to create models of spacecraft, color backgrounds, so there is much to see and do, yet but the basics are there:).

The game was created with the aim not to emulate the classic space invaders, but a basic idea, equal but different on the content, that being said I hope to receive positive feedback, but also negative ones are good because they help your game.

Future updates

The next step are the animated backgrounds that move
A new model of spaceship main
A new level to be implemented in the next patch

Here the last video update done, as you can see I always try to improve the game, however, requires much time, if you have trouble understanding the language of the video in the video you can find an accurate description of the updates carried out.