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Bubble Ghost released today!

A topic by classicsdigital created Apr 11, 2018 Views: 113 Replies: 2
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This classic '80s arcade game from French powerhouse Infogrames will have you literally bouncing off the walls!


Hi there! You might want to embed that video and/or a couple of screenshots in your announcement.

Out of curiosity, how in the world did you manage to license an old InfoGrames game for sale?

Thanks - I was wondering if anyone had seen this, since the game does not seem to have appeared in the 'Recently Added' section. 

For some reason, I can't seem to embed any screenshots here.

As for obtaining the license - let's just say I have low friends in high places!

If this takes off, there are plenty more where this came from - but first I have to work on the visibility...

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