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Mannequin and Live2d

A topic by Kulte7astKlub created Apr 09, 2018 Views: 313 Replies: 2
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I'm creating a visual novel including live2d models. I try to animate my mannequin models but it takes so much time to divide model parts from 1 png exported from Mannequin software.  i was wondering if there is a possibility to export Mannequin models in layers to avoid hours of work. It would be really great if this feature would exists. Otherwise, the software is great and you update it regulary. Good work.

Sorry i just saw the post from Megami Studios.


We're currently experimenting with layered PSD export, which I believe can be imported to Live2D. Nothing concrete yet, but we'll make sure to let everybody know if it's going well.

Thanks for your support and suggestion!