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Hardware Tycoon

Design and sell hardware to outdo the competition in this free tycoon! · By Haxor

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A topic by Haxor created Apr 07, 2018 Views: 1,660
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roadmap for the nearest future of Hardware Tycoon can be found on the wiki.

Below is a more detailed and more chaotic list of things I have planned for future updates. It only contains more important features that aren't currently in the game:

More hardware types

Not happening until I finish implementing CPUs.

Staff, teams & offices

Four types of employable people:

  • Dev staff - for designing and developing your hardware (higher proficiency = faster design process and possibly a quality boost),
  • Research staff (higher proficiency = faster research and/or higher maximum budget),
  • Marketing staff (higher proficiency = more hype/lower cost per campaign),
  • Advisors/managers or something of sorts - to provide tips for the player, eg. tell them the best price for a product (higher proficiency = more accurate tips); perhaps provide a proficiency boost to other employees too.

Additionally, a special CEO/Founder role for the player.

Each employee would have a randomly generated (moddable & editable) name, a single work field/role (listed above), a monthly wage, a proficiency stat, and age (retirement around 60).

Proficiency would increase with each completed task, I will probably allow to increase it by training too.

Employees would be assignable to teams - one employee in one team, each team could have up to 1 task. That would allow designing multiple products and researching multiple technologies at once.

Multiple offices, each one providing a visual change and increasing the maximum employee count.


More various news to make the player engaged and feel like a part of the world's hardware industry.


Both random and predefined, depending on the campaign. Every event with multiple choices, each affecting the gameplay in different ways. Some choices would depend on your company's status or the proficiency of your employees.

Sponsors/contract work

Ex. other companies asking you to develop a CPU for their upcoming console. A need to meet a deadline and the contractor's demands. Up-front payment and royalties or a set amount as a reward after completing the contract. Better quality products would equal more sales (and higher royalties).

Publishing & production

Building your own fabs or paying other companies to manufacture your products for you. Each fab with a max tech. level, upkeep costs, max production capacity.

More stats, graphs, and charts

  • Company rankings
  • Benchmarks and performance statistics
  • Comparing CPUs (like 2 history windows at once), perhaps a whole products window rework


Conferences, conventions, company website, campaigns, etc.

More CPU components & CPU architectures

Cache, possibly integrated GPUs + new sockets, cores, and clocks

CPU architectures:

before researching CISC (x86), the player will be using "Proprietary" ISAs. Starts at 4 bits and goes up to 128
(data width, metric used for the milestones) and it will not provide any bonuses, won't allow gaining EXP
After researching CISC, the player will be able to create their first architecture. At first, it will be complex,
but complexity will be possible to bring down using time and money, starts with 0 exp (no time and unit cost bonus)
CISC (x86) will be more complex, provide more performance with a higher unit cost, harder to manufacture,
have more heat, etc. RISC (ARM) will be possible to research in the late 80s(??), at first it won't be worth it, but
ultimately the reduced costs will become worth it.
more bits = better performance and build
creating a new architecture with the same ISA will provide a starting exp boost, so more bits = incremental progress

Keep in mind that none of these are guaranteed to make it into the game.

There are other features I'm considering implementing that didn't make it on this list.

Bug fixes and balancing go without saying, hence why I didn't list them here.

The game's campaigns are planned to end in 2030, giving you 60 years worth of content.