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Cookie Cutter MZ - Ocarina Minigame

A project template for RPG Maker MZ. Copy and paste it into your own project to utilize a custom evented ocarina system! · By Caz

Hello, Can You Make This Ocarina Project Template As QTE Version Too??

A topic by destro0419 created May 29, 2022 Views: 145 Replies: 2
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Hello, Caz!! I Bought Your "Quick Time Bar" Project Template Before, And Want to Buy This Ocarina Project Template Too.

But I Want This Ocarina Project Template As Quick Time Event Version Too.

↓The Example Video That  I Want to Show to You.

In This Video's 3:43, There Are MINI Game That Player Press The Keyboard In The Time When The Bar Is Touched The Icon and Before It Gone.

Your Ocarina Project Template is Good, But I Want it As QTE Version.

If You Made It as QTE Version, I Will Buy It No Matter How It Cost.

Thank You Very Much,

I'll Wait For Your Answer.


Hi there, thanks for the request! I do eventually want to make a rhythm QTE template, but it'd probably look closer to how games like Guitar Hero function. I hope that helps! :D

I would love something like this too! A rhythm based QTE would be a perfect fight system for a game I'm working on, and I'd be more than happy to commission you!