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Totally makes sense. However, I don't remember doing that so I don't know how to fix it. Where are those options hiding? I'm assuming somewhere in the databases. 

That would be awesome! Right now I just have an auto event to hide it as soon as the game starts, but there's just that half second flicker haha!

This plugin is AWESOME, exactly what I need for my horror games. I was wondering, would it be possible for you to add in an option for the HUD to start hidden? Just for games (like mine) where the ability to get damaged shows up later. 


In addition to cronenbuilder's problem, when I click combine it pulls up my actor rather than allowing me to select another item to combine with. 

I am having the same problem

Oh my gosh! I'll fix it right away! Glad you enjoyed it even so!

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Would it be at all possible to get the PSD files for recoloring? I'd be happy to pay a higher price for that. :)

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Currently I'm on my work computer (windows) using Microsoft Edge. 


This looks so fun but the browser option is not working currently (I think its because the file is zipped)

You see, I didn't realize RPGMaker had weather built in. Thanks for the info!

Hi! What weather plugins does this support?

Hi! Are these made with AI?

Hi! PERFECT plugin for the type of inventory I'm putting in my game. Is there a way to code it into a custom menu plugin with a SceneManager.push label/name/call?

Hey! I love these sprites and plan on using them for a game jam. Do you know of any sprites/face sets that would match well with these?


Are the psd files included in the complete pack?

Absolutely I'll let you know! Currently it's something I'm just microwaving, if you will, so no deadlines at the moment. 

I absolutely ADORE Erika! Would it be silly to ask if you'd be able to make her some eye whites to better match the other girls? I'm happy to pay extra if you'd like :D!

The shed does seem to surprise people...

aaaaaaaaaa I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much???? I should make the key pick-up-able from both sides, since you are now the second person to miss it. thank you so much for giving it a second play through and I'm glad you're enjoying it and are excited!! you have no idea how much this means to hear, and how motivated it makes me to keep on trucking!

Fixed, thanks for pointing that out. 

Oh my gosh, I must have set the starting position wrong in my last hot fix. Please stand by. 

Lol, no worries shoeless! I'll have moved the lighter in the next update to a spot that more obviously intractable, hopefully that'll fix the problem. You're not the only one to not be able to find it.

Did you check the hole in the ground? Stand on the whole and use the space bar. 

Are these sets compatible with RPGMaker MZ?

Hi! The backdoor situation should be resolved in the next update (to the best of my ability), I'm glad you didn't seem to find any bugs other than that persistent issue (it's been plaguing me since june). The puzzles in the first chapter are meant to be particularly difficult, so I'm glad to hear that they're doing their job of setting the scene!
I'm glad to her the vibes or coming through in the first chapter as well! You're reading things right so far, although I will say there's some more horror around the corner, as it were. I hope you continue to follow this project if you enjoyed the demo!

Hi! Sorry to hear about you getting stuck, I'm hoping to have both of those fixed in the next update. The lighter is a specific narratively thematic choice, but I understand your motherly concern. As for the narration, you are reading it about right! It's an intentional choice, I'm sorry if it wasn't to your taste. 

I hope you enjoyed the demo!

Thank you for reviewing! I'll have that back door problem solved in the next update, thanks for bringing it to my attention! I'm working on optimizing the collision with the tile system, so there will be some improvements on that front in the next update as well. Unfortunately, not being turning in  place is a limitation of the engine. 
I'm glad you had fun! I hope you continue to follow this project. 

Phenomenal. I was immensely disappointed to reach the end of the demo because I was looking forward to continuing my exploration of this world. Absolutely going to be following the development of this game so I can play it in full one day. Until then, I'll just have to look for more codes in the demo. You've created the perfect storm of unsettling and intriguing that makes players want to learn more about this world, despite the fact they might not like the answer that awaits them. 

While the story of this game intrigued me, I was unable to make it into the actual gameplay due to difficulty with the controls. The wall-jump mechanic was, ironically, a wall. While I've played many platformers, such as hollowknight, in the past to completion, either the controls were too fiddly/janky or the initial puzzle involving the wall-jump was too fiddly to build confidence. After an hour of trying, I had to give up, which is a shame since the world was inviting and I wanted to learn more about the story I was welcomed into. 

Hi there! It helped a bit. I have unlocked wall jumping, but doing as you instructed only launches me away from the tree and there doesn't seem to be a way to reliably trigger or control it. Perhaps this section needs more of a tutorial beyond simply "Use Space"?

Hello, I am stuck at the forest. I am pressing space, but it won't let me bounce off the tree. Am I missing something?

Yehaw! Thanks for that, I'm excited to share with y'all!

Hi, I know it says old games allowed, and in development pieces, but I'm just curious as to what that means. I have a game I'm currently working on, and have been for months, and I'd love to get some feedback on it, but I don't want to go against any rules I may not be understanding.

OH! Okay, I understand, thank you so much. 

Hi there, I'm a bit confused as to what you mean by "other files". I already have all the switches set up and set up with the global data (since I'm using your achievements plugin as well). Currently, with the test I'm running I load into the game and turn the test switch on and then go back to the menu. the entry shows up! I close out of the game, reopen it, and the entry is gone. I load into a new save, the switch is already on so it doesn't trigger again, I go back to the menu and the entry is still gone. I hope this breakdown is helpful. 

Hello! Is there a way to "attach" the unlocks to global data? I want to use this for a CG Gallery of sorts in conjunction with your global data plugin. Is this possible with the plugins as they are?

Hey starlit, just checking about this.