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Kung Fu

A topic by Cherkov created Apr 06, 2018 Views: 757 Replies: 3
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Here's a 3dn for Kung Fu.  I'll try and get a video up soon, but I really suck at this game. I blame it on the controller...


Kung Fu (U) [!].3dn


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Nice work! Thank you!

Why didn't you use genie code for an easy walk through? 

I have some questions for you:

- Using Cylinder for characters is your intention or there are just too much for you to change?

- What's the purpose of the script gauge? It seems to me that it does nothing.

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Thanks geod. I did use the Game Genie codes for getting all of the editing done. I just recorded the video without it.

As for the cylinders, it's just my personal preference. I like the depth it adds to the characters. That's kind of why I asked about changing geometry through a script. That way, if someone prefers it with the default shape, they could just run the script and change it all at once. What I was really thinking was something more like a way to alter the 3dn file all at once, not a script that runs during the game. Like a button to press that would adjust the properties of shapes with a certain tag. Not sure if I am explaining that well.

Anyway, the gauge script was something I was trying to do to fix the health bar for the player and enemy. They use one tile that slides to the left and remove unneeded tiles as the health bar drops, but when the health is down to the last tile, it starts to slide behind the letters. Normally that would be covered by the other sprite, but I removed the black from the UI. You can see it happen in the video when  I defeat the first boss. I was trying to write a script to address that, but ran into troubles tagging things properly and decided to shelve the idea for now.

Thanks for clarification.  Default or vcylinder is up to personal tastes. Otherwise its quality is  at the "Remastered Level" i think.