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Jam tagging for discovery

A topic by leafo created May 25, 2022 Views: 1,006 Replies: 1
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Admin (3 edits) (+4)

You can now add tags to your jams. The field is located on your jam’s edit page.

We want to add more options for people browsing jams to filter by. I’ve gone ahead and pre-populated the tag editor with a few suggestions, but the tag input is free-form. You can type whatever tag you want.

We’re pushing this feature out first so people can start applying tags to their jams and we’ll then re-visit them the future to see what kinds of tags people are using. At the moment, there is no way to filter by these tags yet, or even view them on the jam’s page. These changes will come after more jams have had an opportunity to be tagged.

If you have previously hosted jams, feel free to go back and add tags to them.

Here’s the list of suggested tags that are included today:

  • tabletop
  • prize
  • in-person
  • beginner-friendly
  • weekend
  • bundle

Redundant information should not be included in tags, for example if your jam is ranked or not, as we already have separate filters for that.

If you have any suggestions please reply in this thread.

Note: Tags are only for description, they do not limit any functionality for the jams regarding who can submit and when. Tools for restricting submissions will come in a different update. It’s possible we may consider certain tags special to apply UI changes to a jam, but that is currently undecided.

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really, it would be nice to add any of the game genres & tags.

and, project types (games, tools, assets, books, comics, physical, etc), as well.

along the same lines, we have filters for more than 10 and more than 100 partipants but i’d like to see similar “less than”s, as well.

and, finally, it would be great for those tags to be displayed as hover-text for quick review of jams we might be interested in while browsing vs searching for them directlty via filters. i don’t know how much overhead that would bring but it would be handy for some of us.