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just the right amount of challenge = fun! more levels when you can :)

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great old school fun with unlimited quarters!

how about a web version (that saves progress?) :)

ack: i just re-read and there are 8 levels. i musta been on the last level before i took a break :/

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great artwork, flavor and fun. i've sent you some feedback @ discord and hope to see this project continue. nice work, guys!

any chance of a Fullscreen option for Web version?

ansimuz rocks :)

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wow, a HUGE update. nice work, Heavens, and lots of it!

clever mechanic. nice game :) 

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Most-Recent Jams:

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that was a hint on helping to remember. i gave them my own "names" and suggest others do the same. otherwise, i tried the Epitaphs idea and struggled to come up with a lot of them so scrubbed the idea. i even tried AI epitaphs and i didnt like 99% of the sugggestions. maybe someday i'll revist the idea :)

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thanks for playing, eejit. and, yah, the setting seemed to work with the memory match notion :)

any thoughts on where i could improve the game?

when a dev creates an addicting game and you refuse to press [R]:

just. one. more. load!

thanks, alanxoc3 :)

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i'll include it with some other stuff post-jam. success was more obvious when the portrait was b/w on fail, color on success which is now an option. i'll be including saving preferences in the update.

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thanks for the feedback, kevin. how about this?

thanks for playing :)

thanks for playing, nom :)

thanks for playing tho i'm not convinced it reveals anything about the age of the player :) 

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at first i wanted to scorch other planets too and then i realized it might have quelled my anger and decided this was best :)

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thanks for playing, fubarpk!

hint? hmmm... got a shovel? :)

hey, ansimuz.

i abused a few of your pixels for this casual memory game: Forgotten by Virtual Nomad (

thank you!

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got it. thank you :)

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Forgotten is a casual memory game set a couple of hundred years ago in a distant village cemetery.

It's my entry for a small community Jam which is currently in its public voting phase and we'd appreciate your rating the submissions.

If you find FUN in Forgotten, please also Rate at the project page!



WIN version (with extra-spooky SFX) added :)

great view, geo :)

thank you, anwynn. i will continue working on it for the next 3 weeks so please watch for updates :)

next time consider separating Completeness of Game and Interpretation of Theme re: Ranking where they don't necessarily go hand in hand?

otherwise, thanks for hosting the jam and i'll try to join another in the future.


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thanks for the feedback 40W.

i should have made it clear that, at the start of a given level, the ship will direct toward wherever you click/tap. IE, launch in that direction. once the ship is in orbit, it will revolve around the planet; click to escape orbit at the ship's current velocity. ie, the angle/direction that it's currently moving in. i hope that clears the controls up? i've edited the project page to make the controls a bit more clear.

otherwise, thanks for playing :)

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thank you SoloGK. i do appreciate all feedback including the repeated advice to flesh this idea out. we'll see where this goes :)

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thank for the feedback, BHS. and Lives does't quite fit, i agree. initially, i didn't have the level Star system (or more than 3 planets per level) so Lives became a leftover of the initial "complete 15 levels with 3 lives" notion. 

Since adding the level Stars, Lives just means you don't have to return to the menu and click a level to continue play. i've also found myself skimming through levels just to unlock the next and then going back to achieve whatever Stars i hadn't in the first run through. 

and i am considering keeping track of "Perfection". ie, all 15 levels in a row, no lives lost and no wasted clicks.

i know i want to make more levels (adding more planets) so, perhaps, "Perfection" = Unlock the next 15 levels?

thanks again, and thanks for playing :)

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each time you play, you can start by placing an item from your Inventory anywhere on the Board, You can also Watch an Ad to start with the item of the day, or Buy one of 2 rotating items for Gold. otherwise, from within the inventory screen, you can merge 3 same-type items for the next tier item. ie, 3xStone can be merged to form 1 Base Tower. 3xBase Towers can be merged to form a Bronze Tower, and so on. when it comes to War, i generally pull the appropriate item out of inventory for the easy head start. otherwise, i either watch the ads if the freebie resource will help form a combo and earn free swaps or i'll pull one from inventory for the same. 

meanwhile, the additional hearts are nice but not necessary to succeed. i'm maxed and, again, they're nice but consider that dragging 1 stone up and into the Castle is the same as a heart.

when it comes to the mother dragon, walls are crucial. make sure to move firepower in line with the wall/walls so towers, cannons and ballistae can pound away while the mother (and her children) are slowed, now matter how briefly. and, remember, when the babies spawn, they may do so in adjacent columns so ideally that's accounted for, as well.

hitting level 30+ and you're becoming seasoned. now refine your strategies. you can check out other Clanmates by clicking their names in the Roster. click their Best Score to see the final layout of their battlefield. you can review all Clans at Clans - Tower Swap , their members and those final battlefields and you'll note a couple of different Strategies being employed which is what i did early on. there are many who score higher than me (and with fewer starting hearts) where i tend to play it straight ('m a little stubborn, you see) but i consistently hit 50+ if i try hard enough (and find a little luck).

with over 3,000 plays across 2 accounts, i can attest to said addiction (and blame curtis for that :) ).

and i gladly do it all  for the king!

NOMAD [Bad Iron]

BTW, i'm generally monitoring the TS Discord Server if you are so inclined and have more Q's. Once upon a time, i had fleshed out a number of TS Articles on Fandom which kept getting shut down due to lack of use.... so, here we are.

thanks, curtis. i shoulda looked for a 1-button jam to get it into as well :) otherwise, no plans for an app store release but i tested the html version on a friend's iphone today and it plays well/true to form. thanks for playing!

Today's Update should provide more fun:

  • Camera now Unlocked!
  • Additional Planets every 5 Levels = Additional Challenge!
  • HTML version should now Save/Load progress!

If you've already achieved all 15 Stars, select [RESET]  to achieve a New WIN! Feature.

If you enjoy this bit of fun, Please Rate!

thanks, psy :) 

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clever design and implementation of the theme. elegant in appearance (proof that primitve assets can be the most appropriate) with perfect music*.

some suggestions to make play more enjoyable:

  • the instructions aren't clear in that the box also wraps/loops around the level while i first thought to "drop" the box onto the target below (level 1). ability to Push through the loop also not mentioned ("walk").
  • [Enter] to Restart level (which also seems to initiate another instance of the background music (at least on the first level the issue is consistantly reproducible).
  • save progress so we can pick up where we left off (and an [Exit Game] key/button so we can take a break easily enough).
  • view/perspective could be a bit more top-down to relay the entirety of the levels (or camera rotation).
  • let us hold WASD/Arrowkeys to Walk vs separate presses (keep Push as-is).
  • while some of the levels were well designed, others, like this, left me perplexed. with a first move of "down", i looped to the right and completely behind the boxes (or inside one of them?):

otherwise, the game is FUN and shows a lot of potential for being more-so.  perhaps we both could get our entries prepped a little earler so we can take feedback like this and make our projects even better (easier said than done, right? alas, that's what post-jam updates are for) :)

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nice start to a fun little platformer. more levels, please! including a final one where i can enjoy the burrito i've been rushing for :)

i've played this game an aweful lot (and still do) but haven't once seen it end improperly. yes, there are sometimes instances of very compact play where connected empty tile-spaces remain that could hold additional tiles but all tiles were already played.

case in point, my new high score (reached today). that large inlet at the bottom could have fit another tile (of any shape):

this does pose a question: should the game end after a finite # of tiles, or simply when the next tile (in an endless queue) cannot be played (thus rewarding efficient/compact play)? 

personally, i love the game, as is :)

by the way, is there a "perfect score"? seems i've got a turbine on every hill and i see only 1 (street) tile at the top that isn't scoring so i'm expecting 125 is max? some day... :)

ah, i see. perhaps folks need to submit their language/engine of choice: Suggest a new tool, engine, device or organization -

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tags are fine but i tend to look for the Engine & tool metadata, as mentioned here

dunno why but "whatever works" :)

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i wish more devs included the Engine & tools metadata in their projects on so that, with 1 click,  we could find a larger sample of games/apps produced with a given "language" or framework. 

i doubt that i'll ever deviate from my dialect of choice (AppGameKit) but i do enjoy keeping an eye on what the AGK community is up to by clicking that link. i follow some blitz users for a slice of those and also appreciate perusing the pico-8 games offered on occasion.

none are "better" than others, in my opinion. ie, FUN is FUN, across the board, no matter the framework. but, there seems to be a different "flavor" of game produced by various coding communities, in general.

Conan Chop Chop added to the Prize Pool!

You should start your own Jam called SPAM. thanks for wasting my time...

You should start your own Jam called SPAM. thanks for wasting my time...