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Tower Swap community · Created a new topic Inventory

I've 8 different items in inventory but only the first 6 are available when beginning a new game:

IE, i can't choose to begin with a bronze ballista. is there a way to access all 8 or discard/sell unwanted items other than using them up?

btw, i reported a bug found in last weekend's battle using the support email address.

Tower Swap community · Created a new topic Tower Swap Wiki
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So i've begun constructing a Wiki at Fandom for this wonderful game and all are invited to peruse and contribute where you can.

For the King!

maybe add a way for us to share gold with the clan, then? :)

Tower Swap community · Created a new topic Collect All Gold
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i've been addicted to this great time-killer for weeks, now. So, thanks for that! :)

meanwhile, as a busy Baron, i would appreciate a single Collect All Gold button vs collecting each individually, if possible(i play the HTML version).

otherwise, is there a resource explaining various aspects of the game? i've stumbled across a few (like the ability to fortify the castle which i didn't know about until after achieving Baron) in changelogs, etc. Ie, is there a Wiki somewhere? (or should i start one?)

thanks again for this gem!

nice concept, good fun :)

dug the tune :)

thanks, MGD. I have an itch to develop this further. No promises on doing that but since you appreciate the genre, i would appreciate any ideas u might have for it (probably best to leave them on the regular page, outside of the jam - and the same goes for anyone else). I know i want (at least) an occasional alien entering air space (well, "space" space :) ). Thanks for checking it out.

well done, all around :) thanks for sharing!

good concept for fun but a bit too fast-paced for me. #easymode :)

thanks for sharing!

Not sure why they tend to take "the villian" roles but, thankfully, they do. thanks for playing :)

odd, i never considered it a take on asteroids. seems that you & others do, and majority rules, so... now it's stuck (in the same space in outerspace) and in good company :) thanks, gosukiwi!

thanks for playing, SG. i tend to go "relaxing" everything, anymore :) and, see above re: rotated pixels? i never knew the term, until now :)

and, same to yours :) thanks, Cleverzoid.

Thanks :) the auto-fire addition changed the dynamic and, as you noted, brought a small strategic element. and, i should properly credit for the effect. i generally assume "everyone knows" (since it's the only thing i use for such thing ) but i'm surely wrong.


The 'roid spawn rate caps at 1/sec but their velocities never cap and pick up with each new Wave (every 10 spawns).

It gets noticeable for me ~W15 and pretty much unbeatable ~W30-35 while the gun rotation rate never changes.

Maybe shorter Waves are in order? Every 5 'roids, say?

Thanks for the comment and thanks for playing :)

hey, guys. as my first "pixel restricted" effort, the notion of "rotated pixels" never dawned on me. i put it together in the last 2 1/2 days of the jam, was happy sharing something "fun", and never contemplated such things. please rate accordingly. and, thanks for trying it out :)

You guys nailed it. Totally "relished" the experience :)

nice work! i couldn't figure out how to click the mouse? (comp was on, i jumped on the chair (not sure where i was to drag it to?) ) otherwise, unique game (to me?) :)

pretty chill for a shooter, like the soundtrack = good fun. meanwhile, it reminds me of something... what could that be? ;)

nice little gem but a bit tough to navigate.

as stated, nice concept. if you plan to develop it further, i'll be back :)

i appreciated the visuals and soundtrack :)

"glitchy" here, too. the ball passes through the paddle. or, is that on purpose?

still, congrats on your first jam entry :)

fun, very retro little gem; loved the recoil!

congrats on your first jam entry. it's a winner, no matter what :)

gets hectic but it's a fun little thing :)

Works great here on FF. Nice little gem, Conjured!

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Theokoles cheats!

Still, the combination of the 2 classics = 1 more.

I'll be back to fill my purse!

Good fun!

good fun, gosukiwi :)

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That's how to move pixels. Nice job!

5 Stars as Best of Kind!

Slaying Feral Pigs felt wrong, tho. I think some were kin of mine...

Well-told and Delicious :)

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can you provide in .pdf or as a web page?

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Thanks for this, FV. I bought AnimShed during the last sale and it's a bargain considering all the time it will save me. I'm looking forward to some of the features you have in mind for it, as well.

going the first 8 shots without dropping a ball in my own game is embarassing, even if i'm the only one that saw it :)

i've used your table graphic in a simple time-killer i'm working on:

thanks! :)

fun demo; nice job :)

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This is why you're the A Team. Good work, guys.