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thanks for the feedback and i'll get a mobile version out at some point, all with post-jam polish. and, i've since enjoyed your submission. thanks again!

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thanks for the feedback, tyrant. challenge = "more" in post-jam version which already has a few more additions. 

Liberator 050122 - YouTube

"watch this space" & thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing. The game's balance "isn't" :) it was more of a prototype that i'm continuing to develop that will address friendly fire and balanced play, add health, power-ups, etc, and some polish. Meanwhile, it is still fun to make things BOOM :) all feedback is welcome so thanks for that!

fun little game and enjoyed the varied weapons/power-ups. would be nice to have a couple of seconds of invulnerability upon weapon choice where i was sometimes returned to immediate death. still a good game :)

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thanks for playing. i'm working on relieving the "bit too much" part where i've added some "spatial sound" to a post-jam version among other things. and i'll be addressing the villages, too, which will be more than solid, single color "rooftops". :) you're not the first to miss the "confinement" part of the game where any village invaded by a swarm of tanks will cause the occupants to feel quite confined, i imagine. i expect i was too subtle in communicating that but it was my intention or approach to the theme. thanks for the feedback!

creative, hilarious and fun to play :) well done!

love the old school vibe with a touch of contemporary. the web version did glitch the first time through but the second time around was smooth. would appreciate a "guns down", broader "explore the planet" version of this some day as the land-speeder mechanic was top notch.  thanks for sharing!

good, clean fun (get it?) :) 

good potential but a little too difficult to get into for me. the low contrast between the floor and bullets probably had a lot to do with that. otherwise, do we need to slay enemies to find the keys (i never found one) or do we need to explore more to find them? 

yay, another tank entry :) fun little game. appreciated the visuals and the game played smoothly. thanks for sharing!

hi, f_m and thanks for playing. 

unfortunately, i didn't leave myself enough time to test for "challenge" (and a lot of other things). and, i confess that i didn't know much about the bullet hell genre including the dodging requirement. i took it as "make it rain BOOM" :) so, i've learned a bunch from this jam including some coding techniques that i hadn't yet explored.

as far as theme, i expect that i failed to portray well enough the "villages" as besieged by a swarm of enemies which implies confined. each village should actually portray villagers' ability to enjoy their village once liberated. 

alas, i am continuing working on Liberator, adding some polish and applying welcome feedback such as yours. 

thanks again!

nice game and appreciating the visuals and variety in items available lending toward the replay factor. i do think there's a bug where i once chose "not worth my time" & was afforded 3 new items. choosing another and, again, 3 items to choose from. ie, the wave never began. otherwise, 5 stars on matching the theme and i would like to see some variety in maps if you continue progress on this. thanks for sharing :)

glad you liked it even if a bit too much!

thank you, rubinschwein. and, thank Kenney for the artwork :)

i'll try to make some things more apparent as i continue working on this but i do want a solid amount of mayhem and confusion inside!

thank you, a-c.

work will continue and the "villages" are on the to-do list.

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i've been playing with sound balance, play rates and volumes since the deadline so the BOOMS can have some variation ;)

and, i'll make it more apparent that you've been hit, along with fleshing out the "village" vibe. 

i've made some cool additions already and these will go on the to-do list. 

stay tuned for the post-jam work :)

thanks for the critique!

smoke is already in the post-jam work

it's in neither web nor WIN jam release but i'll upload a new version post-jam with it and a few more additions. watch this space :)

good start and i hope you finish it up. you were bred for this :)

well done, good fun and a helluva ride :)

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i confess that i did near no testing re: the challenge factor. in fact, up until the deadline, the player's armor increased with each village's liberation while the # of enemies only increase by 1. and, at the last minute, i decided to start with 20 enemies vs the 10 i had before. the real challenge doesn't kick in until ~V20. interestingly, it probably made the game easier where some (more) of the enemies are now working for the player ;) otherwise, please consider this offering as Easy Mode where i will remove friendly fire damage in post-jam updates (aka, add Hard Mode), add Air Raids that i had planned and a few other bits before i'm content with it (i'm open to any constructive feedback toward making L better as i do want to continue work on it). meanwhile, credit to Kenney - for the visuals. this was the right time for me to finally utilize his art. and, finally, thank you for your insightful feedback, your kind words, and for playing my little bit of hell.

nice entry and plays well. 1 suggestion: make the crosshair more apparent where it easily blends in with the player shots. otherwise, good fun and good luck :)

nice idea and definitely fits the theme. i just saw the arrowkeys = look comment below so gave it another go and, at some point, the blue arrows stopped appearing. perhaps under the base of the hill where i was at the time of captivity? regardless, creative fun. thanks for sharing :)

runs fine on Edge (the YT vid "refused to connect", btw). otherwise, interesting rhythm approach to "bullet hell" but left my hands in a knot. still, a nice concept. thanks for sharing :)

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thank you, magso. smoke is already in the post-jam work. it even follows the tank carcass if you should shove it across the screen ;)

wind is also a good suggestion; thanks for that.

i would call the jam version "easy" mode with "friendly fire" active. i've cleared village 25 and doubt i could get near that if it wasn't. 

i left myself no time to solicit testing (normal when i do jams, unfortunately) so the "challenge" for the player is simplistic. i hope to leave time, "next time".

thank you for your comments. and, for playing :)

clever use of the theme, a ton of fun and well executed. suggestion: make the crosshair a bit more obvious. otherwise, thanks for sharing :)

hi, moebios. it's "infinite", i suppose. but, as you progress, the enemies get tougher and tougher, along with the pace. i didn't set a cap on how much the enemies could improve so, if you've consumed a pound if sugar, i suppose you could reach a point where enemy bullets simply spawn on top of you ;) and, yes, yours is the 2nd request for differentiated bullets so i'll get it in the post-jam version (along with some other goodies). thank you for the feedback and taking the time to play my game.

thanks for your feedback, endoblance. and, i must say that i've since been playing liberator more than other jam entries thus far (while adding and fixing a few things). your krazy kats have proven a distraction from that so, thanks again :)

thanks for returning the favor. i now have MEEOWR to look forward to all night :) 

otherwise, good fun and does what it says on the tin. nice work.

simple fun with a bit of eye candy. not feeling the "confined" theme, tho? thanks for sharing :)

i need guns but still fun :)

a lot of potential + i like hybrid stuff = fun :) 

please do continue work on this.

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nice concept; i would like to use arrowkeys instead, but thanks for sharing :)

great concept and execution. proof that not all bullet hells are the same :)

thank you, peter. i had "plans for more" but, as jams sometimes go... well, you know ;)

thanks for your feedback, and for playing Liberator :)

nice idea but a bit too tough @ the start. thanks for sharing :)

the player disappeared after the first death :( needs some sound effects, too, but a good start. thanks for sharing :)

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turn the volume up :)

fun little shooter.  thanks for sharing!

pummelled by gumdrops = fun. full screen mode? thanks for sharing :)

monkey + gun = fun. thanks for sharing :)