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Unicorn Dungeon Tutorial/Demo - Absurdist Comedy Adventure

A topic by Stand Off Software created Apr 03, 2018 Views: 120 Replies: 1
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I've got the tutorial/demo for Unicorn Dungeon up for free, so give it a shot!

Unicorn Dungeon is an upcoming absurdist comedy fantasy adventure game for Windows and Linux. It's been in development for about seven months now and will be released in May. Get a tastes of the game with this demo. The demo has no voice acting, but the game will on release!

Set in an environment rife with dry wit and off-the-wall humor, Unicorn Dungeon is the first in a series of six adventure games inspired by “absurdist comedy” such as Monty Python and Firesign Theatre. The series chronicles the adventures the brave knight Sir Typhil on a quest to find a unicorn in order to be crowned king.

The demo now has localization in German and Russian!