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Spirit of the Wind

A topic by EvilArtBunny created Apr 03, 2018 Views: 119
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Spirit of the Wind is an adventure combat platformer that seeks to blend its platforming and combat mechanics together. The game is done in a Studio Ghibli inspired style, and set amidst Japanese mythology. It follows Fujin (incarnated as a mouse headed humanoid) as he chases his brother Raijin, the storm spirit, across the lands to try prevent Raijin from destroying humanity. page -

The game is currently in development. I have a single level up for now and am looking for feedback to continue iterating it to a sale-able level. Have already had quite a few good responses in helping shape the game controls to this point. Excited to have more.  

I am a solo developer - the art, programming, story are all mine. Currently the music is from OpenGameArt and sounds from Hoping to engage a music composer and possibly a sound designer as the project continues.